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Practical Ways to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Weed Without Stress

Henbit (also known as Lamium Amplexicaule) treatment required a practical approach to getting quick and fast results for your garden and lawn. The article is about how to kill, eliminate, and get rid of henbit using herbicides (chemical), mechanical control, and preventive methods that are henbit weed killers. 

It is essential to start the treatment of henbit in the early fall to prevent its seeds from spreading and growing in your garden and lawn. The fastest approach is using herbicide henbit weed killer formulated to kill over 270 other weeds in your yard and garden. Mechanical control of henbit is another way this article recommends eliminating and killing henbit without killing grass and vegetables.

Please read on to see how to kill and get rid of Lamium ground cover in your lawn and garden. 


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How to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Fast?

The first step is to prevent henbit seeds from sprouting in your lawn or garden in the fall by using pre-emergent herbicide that prevents henbit seedlings from growing. The practical and best way to kill, eliminate, and get rid of henbit is to use selective herbicides as Post Emergence in spring. Non-Selective herbicides should be employed to kill and eradicate henbit and all vegetation when dealing with henbit and when there is nothing to salvage. 

You can apply mechanical control:

  • Artificial barrier weed mats and fabrics.
  • Hot air weeders.
  • Thermal flame and steam.
  • Weed Puller.
  • Cordless tiller.
  • Cultivator to remove and eliminate henbit to preserve your lawn and garden from the impact of herbicides chemical. 

What is Henbit?

Henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is an herbaceous winter annual of the mint family introduced from Europe. It has the characteristic of growing erect, low, squarish, and lightly hairy stems. Its stem is a distinct and square-like shape with a green to purple color. It has round leaves that are covered with amorphous but fine hair layers. It is found growing in clumps, lawns, and along sidewalks. 

Henbit weed often sprouts in the fall, flowers, and set seed in the early spring and almost winter (both in warmer locations, i.e., the Mediterranean region). The Henbit weed usually self-pollinates even when there are not enough pollinating insects in specific years. It can also take over your lawn because it is tough to eliminate. 

Current Facts About Henbit (Lamium Amplexicaule) Weed

Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Spermatophyta
Subphylum: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledonae
Family Name: Lamiaceae (Labiatae)
Genus: Lamium
Species: L. amplexicaule
Binomial Name: Lamium amplexicaule
Order: Lamiales
Stem: Between 1 to 4 dm.
Leaf: Blade size 1 to 2.5 cm, wide-ovate to +- round, base truncate towards lobed
Flower: calyx 4 to 7 mm; corolla generally 10 to 18 mm, red-purple.
Chromosomes: 2n=18.
Ecology: Disturbed sites, cultivated, and abandoned fields.
Elevation: < 800 m.
Bioregional Distribution: CA-FP.
Distribution Outside California: Widespread North America and Native to Eurasia.
Flowering Time: Apr to Sep
Note: Reference: Wagstaff et al. 1998 Pl Syst Evol 209:265—274

Why Is Henbit Called It “henbit”?

The name “henbit” was a derivation from chickens, i.e., “hen bit.” The term refers to the way the hens graze upon weed. Because Lamium ground cover seed is a favorite fodder for Hen “chicken.” The henbit seed is also well-loved by the Hummingbirds. 

Why is Henbit a Weed? 

Henbit is a weed because it produces lots of seeds. Thousands of seeds per plant annually and grows where it is not wanted. Henbit also grows in areas and locations where it is not intentionally sown.  Henbit is a weed because it can invade thin turf areas where there is good soil moisture.  

Where Does Henbit Weed Come From?

Is henbit dead nettle (Lamium amplexicaule) native to North America, Europe, and Asia? Henbit originated from Eurasia and Northern Africa. It is believed to have arrived via North America in the 1700s via livestock feed and ship ballast. Because of its hardy characteristic is widely naturalized in the United States and has spread worldwide to other countries. 

Henbit weed is currently growing in temperate climates in South America, United States, Greenland, and Canada. Lamium ground cover is a self-seed weed that will blossom in rich fertile soils and thrive in dry, light sandy soils. It is very rugged in urban areas, sunny yards, agricultural fields, and flourishing in well-disturbed areas and roadsides. You may consider henbit as an invasive species in some regions.  

The Henbit (Lamium Amplexicaule) Lifecycle

Henbit is an annual winter weed that can emerge in the early spring and will be around throughout the fall. It starts flowering and seed set in spring and dies in early summer with the dry, hot weather.

Henbit Look-Alike

Lamium ground cover are similar to plants such as the Creeping Charlie and Purple Deadnettle. It is often mistaken for creeping Charlie, but creeping Charlie weed is a very aggressive perennial weed that many home and lawn owners dread.

You can easily confuse Lamium Amplexicaule with the purple deadnettle, but the leaves of purple deadnettle are tinted purple and will fade to green color as they grow. The purple deadnettle leaves have a short stem with a triangular (i.e., heart) shaped with rounded teeth like leaf margin.

But the Henbit flowers have a dark purple spot (i.e., pink to purple) more than that of purple deadnettle. The Henbit flowers are slenderer and a bit longer than those of the purple deadnettle. 

Henbit Weed Identification: How to Spot and Kill Lamium Amplexicaule? 

Before considering eliminating and killing henbit, you need to correctly identify what henbit looks like and confirm that you have henbit in your lawn or garden. The proper identification of henbit will help you to know the best treatment and methods to kill and eliminate the weeds. 

 Henbit identification is a huge task for many people that do not know the plants yet. So, what does a henbit weed look like? Lamium ground cover is sparingly hairy, and it is heart-shaped with some rounded teeth at the edges of the leaf with some prominent veins at the underside. 

Henbit is a soft but weedy plant that has a square stem without a pleasant scent. It usually blooms in the early spring; the duration of henbit blooming is between February–November. Henbit has small purple that tends to pink tubular-shaped flowers with some bright and red spots. 

Identification Features of Henbit (Lamium Ground Cover ) Weeds

Henbit is a winter annual plant that grows between 8 and 32 centimeters tall (henbit stem is between 1 to 4 dm and the leaf blade size is between 1 to 2.5 cm wide-ovate to + or – round).

Henbit weeds are sporadically covered with fine pointed hair and grow from a taproot into a delicate branch. It has a low-growing characteristic with weak stems that lie sparingly on the ground. Lamium Amplexicaule has a green but square stem that later grows purple and sometimes roots at the lower node. 

The Lamium ground cover edible weed reproduces only via seed. Each Lamium Amplexicaule can produce over 2,000 additional seeds. You can quickly eliminate and kill henbit if you target its roots that spread on the lower stem by touching the ground. 

Below are various ways to learn about other types of weed like henbit (Lamium ground cover) and their categories:

Weeds of the Northeast 1st Edition


Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide Paperback 


Plant Identification Terminology (An Illustrated Glossary Paperback)


An Organic, Earth-friendly Guide to Weed Identification, Use, and Control


Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine (550 Herbs for Common Ailments)


What to Consider Before Buying Herbicide to Kill Henbit 

There are many things to consider when dealing with herbicides that will kill and get rid of henbit. Science and research have shown that pre-emergent herbicides application on henbit is better than post-emergent.

You also must decide if you are using a henbit herbicide killer that is selective or non-selective. Below are two primary decisions you have to make to choose the best weed killer for henbit:

Pre-Emergent Vs. Post-Emergent (Herbicides Application)

It is highly recommended that you adopt and implement pre-emergent herbicide applications. Since henbit seeds do sprout in the fall, the pre-emergent herbicide application will prevent the henbit seeds from sprouting. The Henbit weed killers will develop a chemical blockade that will disallow Lamium Amplexicaule seedlings from developing and grow. 

Selective Vs. Non-Selective Herbicides Henbit Killer

What’s the difference between non-selective and selective herbicide henbit killers? Herbicides can either be selective or non-selective. The selective herbicide will select certain plants and weeds to kill but leave others without impact. 

Herbicides are labeled to kill, control, and get rid of henbit weeds in lawns or gardens. For instance, it will only kill henbit and other related weeds such as creeping Charlie and purple deadnettle but will not affect grass and any plant like tomatoes in the garden. While non-selective herbicides will kill and destroy all plants and grass, as seen in the picture below:


How to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Weed Using Herbicides

Using herbicide to kill and get rid of Henbit weed in the garden, lawn, landscape beds, and any hardscapes in your home is the quickest way to eliminate and kill Henbit weeds deep from their roots.

Glyphosate is the most potent and widely used herbicide to control, kill, and get rid of Lamium Amplexicaule and any unwanted weeds and vegetation in the United States and globally today. There are almost 800 herbicides products containing glyphosate that are sold in the United States (either in solid or liquid form). 

Below are our recommended herbicides that are henbit weed killers for both non-selective and selective herbicides:

How to Get Rid of Henbit Using Roundup Concentrate (Best Non-Selective Overall)

  • The most popular and top-selling henbit weed killer product you can get online right now. 
  • It is how to kill and get rid of Lamium amplexicaule that will prevent new henbit weed from growing for 4 months.
  • It contains a dual-action formula that will eliminate henbit weeds in the grass to their root.
  • Best herbicide to kill henbit both landscape and hardscape area of your home and lawn
  • It is rainproof in 10 minutes, and you will start to see the impact on henbit weed as soon as you spray. 
  • It is the best weed killer for henbit that is consumer guarantee (according to the product label)

Using Ortho GroundClear Weed Killer for Henbit (Best Non-Selective for Tight Budgets)

  • You can use Ortho GroundClear Super Weedkiller to kill and get rid of henbit fast.
  • It acts fast, and you will see instant results in hours.
  • The henbit weeds in the grass will die entirely between 1 to 2 weeks using this Ortho GroundClear.
  • It is the best weed killer for henbit because it gives you maximum rainfast just 15 minutes after application.
  • The dual formula of Ortho GroundClear makes it one of the most brutal henbit weed killers in the market. 
  • Ortho GroundClear is the herbicide to use to kill henbit where ever it hides, either in landscape or hardscape in your homes.

How to Get Rid of Henbit Using Spectracide Concentrate2 (Best Non-Selective for Lawns)

  • It is one of the best herbicides to kill henbit on hardscape and will work on henbit around fences, driveways, walkways, shrubs, and any area around your homes.
  • Spectracide Concentrate2 will kill and get rid of Lamium amplexicaule roots with results within 3 hours of applications. 
  • Another henbit weed killer with great rain-fast (watering and rainfall of 15 minutes); the application will not wash away. 

Using Acclaim Extra Turf & Ornamental Weed Killer for Henbit (Best Overall)

  • Acclaim Extra is a very effective selective and post-emergent annual and perennial herbicide to kill and get rid of henbit without destroying labeled turf grass. 
  • Our best overall and top recommended henbit weed killer works systematically in a single treatment and will also kill crabgrass and goosegrass.
  • The product will dry henbit weed within one hour of spraying. You will see the impact within one week. 
  • They were using Acclaim Extra to kill henbit from when they are young to their mature stages.

How to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Using Fusilade Selective Herbicide ( Best for Garden)

  • Fusilade is one of the best selective post-emergent herbicides to kill henbit.
  • The active ingredient in Fusilade henbit weed killer is Fluazifop-P-butyl (24.5%)
  • Fusilade will kill, eliminate, and get rid of henbit weeds and all grass weeds in your garden or lawn.
  • It is the best weed killer for Lamium amplexicaule in the garden because it eliminates manual weeding. 
  • It will kill henbit weeds in grass and also eliminate varieties of other grassy weeds like goosegrass, witchgrass, wild oats, quackgrass, barnyard grass, crabgrass foxtail, and quackgrass, etc., 
  • Fusilade is the best henbit weed killer for garden and farming because it will select the following main crops in your garden: Sunflower, Beans, Fruits, Onions, Tomatoes, Cabbages, Potatoes, Peas, and all vegetables.

Use Roundup for Lawns1 Weed Killer for Henbit (Best Selective for Lawns)

  • It is a selective herbicide that kills henbit but will not harm your lawn.
  • Use Roundup for Lawns1 will kill and get rid of henbit and over 250 weeds that include dandelion, dandelion, crabgrass, etc., 
  • Our best henbit weed killer for lawn with an extended wand that helps you spot lawn weeds.
  • The henbit weed killer for use in Northern grasses such as perennial ryegrass, bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, fescue, etc.,
  • It will kill and get rid of Lamium amplexicaule immediately, and it’s rainproof in just 3 hours. 

How to Get Rid of Henbit Using Arrest Max Weed Killer (Best Selective for Food Plots)

  • Whitetail Institute Arrest Max is selective and specifically made to kill and get rid of weeds like Lamium amplexicaule for deer food plots. 
  • It will control most weeds and grass-like henbit without harming the Whitetail Institute perennial food plot.
  • It can be applied by hands, tractor, 4-wheeler vehicle, or sprayer.
  • Using Arrest Max is the best way to eliminate henbit weeds in grass and any food plots.
  • Its rainfast is just one hour. It is the fastest and quickest way to get rid of weeds, weed-like henbit, and other unwanted grasses in food plot sites. 

Use Tenacity Turf Herbicide for Henbit Weed Killer {Selective & Pre and Post Emergence}

  • Tenacity Turf is one of the top henbit weed killers you can get in the market that is both pre and post-emergence and selective weed killer. 
  • It can be used to kill and eliminate weeds like henbit in any turf, either hardscape or landscape, because of its potency.  
  • If you use this herbicide as a pre-emergent, the targeted weeds will absorb Tenacity as they grow, which will help defend your lawn in post-emergence. 
  • Tenacity Turf is my favorite weed control for henbit because it also targeted pests, so it is not only the best henbit weed killer but will also eliminate problems in your lawns and garden. 

Precaution on Herbicides Henbit Weed Killer Usage. 

Ensure you follow all the guidelines and instructions as stated on the label of each herbicide before usage. Herbicides will work best for you if you repeat the applications 14 days after the first application for most herbicides as instructed and advised on the label. 

Never mow for two days after application of any herbicides. It is helping the herbicides to dry on the weed’s; eave surface before rainfall and irritation occurs. It is critical to note that certain herbicides have a particular characteristic of drying within a specific time.

Also, it is advised that herbicide usage be avoided when the air temperature is over 90 ºF and during the spring transition. It can lead to damages to your turfgrass.

Any newly seeded lawn is not supposed to be mowed at least three weeks before applying herbicides. You can boost weed uptake and reduce the possibility of getting turfgrass injured if there is irrigation or rain before using the herbicides.  

How to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Using Mechanical Control

How do you kill, control, and get rid of henbit mechanically? The mechanical method of controlling and eliminating henbit will help you reduce the rate at which the weed propagates, reducing their population and ability to damage your garden and lawn. 

These are various mechanical methods and options you may explore to eliminate, kill, and get rid of henbit in your lawn and garden organically. 

***How to Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Using Soil Solarization***

Soil solarization is a mechanical henbit weed control that involves increasing the soil temperature by covering henbit weed with a black plastic synthetic mat to improve the soil temperature to kill the weeds. Yes, you can kill, eliminate, and get rid of henbit in your garden and lawn by using specific materials like synthetic weed mat, to cover that stubborn and hostile portion of your properties to kill henbit. 

Research and findings have shown that covering and solarizing the soil with either synthetic materials or organic materials is safe and better than chemical control of henbit. 

The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s findings also show that using a physical weed barrier will help you prevent the establishment of henbit weeds and other forms of weed on your greenhouse floors.

Can You Kill Henbit Weeds by Covering Them?

Yes, you can kill and get rid of henbit organically (and any unwanted weeds) with the mat or plastic sheeting. You can leave the plastic and cover for 6 to 7 weeks in a hot climate or between 9 to 10 weeks in a more fantastic location. You will observe that the Lamium amplexicaule will start dying off from 6 weeks of covering with Weed Barrier Fabric. 

Below are our top recommended weed barrier fabric/mats:

ECOgardener Garden Lawn Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric


HOOPLE Garden Weed Barrier Landscape Fabric


***Get Rid of Henbit Via Manual Removal and Control***

The fastest way to eliminate and control henbit is to use manual mechanical control of removing or pulling the henbit weeds from your garden or lawn. Many lawn and garden owners still remove henbit by manually pulling them out of the soil today. This method will uproot and eliminate the henbit from the earth. You must ensure you pull out the root with the henbit. 

You can also hoe off the henbit weeds as soon as you start seeing them in your garden or lawn. This mechanical henbit control is known to have a high success rate, but it is primarily manual and can be a lot of work for home gardeners and lawn owners.

A/A Weed Puller Stand-up Tool 

  • It is a weed removal tool for garden, crack and crevice, a patio backyard, lawn sidewalk, and driveways. 
  • Just rolling, the weeder will hook the soil and shovel the grass out of the dirt. 
  • It is a mini–weeder tool that is light and portable for your usage
  • You can use it to remove and scaping the root of henbit and other common garden weeds. 

Gardtech Heavy Duty Garden Tool Set

  • It contains five pieces of stainless steel hand tools with wooden handles. 
  • It can be used for transplanting, digging, shoveling, trowel cultivator, dibber bulb planting, etc. 
  • The toolset is easy to carry around for use in-home or outdoors. 
  • You can use it as a gift for gardening lovers.
  • It is made of high quality, durable and strong handle that is well coated to avoid cracking.

Worth Garden Stand-up Root Removal Hand Weeding Tool 

  • An excellent weed puller with a long anti-rust steel handle with five claws
  • An easy grabber picker tool without bending
  • Use it to eliminate and remove henbit from the lawn without risking your back.
  • Has a foot pedal to enforce the weed remover for the proper ground penetration.
  • It came with a 5-claw design that makes the henbit weed removal and elimination possible in any soil.
  • It is strong, durable with high-quality steel that will support any weight when using the foot pedal.
  • The ergonomic foam padded handle provides a good grip that will not hurt your hands when using this tool.

Sweet Manual Weeders Puller Tool Kit (5Pcs). 

  • The tool kit consists of 5pcs manual weeders puller toots, i.e., a wooden handle, an aluminum alloy manual weeder, garden trowel, and 2pcs of protective gloves.
  • The hand weeders have a curve that features a metal base with a V shape fork tip, making your henbit weeding jobs very efficient and fast.
  • The garden trowel is excellent for digging tough soil. You can use it for transplanting, breaking up dirt clods, mixing mud, scooping fertilizer, and eliminating and removing stubborn henbit from the lawn. 
  • The multi-purpose protective gloves are long elastic sleeves for all purposes in your lawn and garden.
  • The tool kit is excellent and perfect for lawn, garden, farmland for all kinds of tasks. 

Betus Manual Hand Weeder 

  • It is a bend-proof leverage base for super easy henbit weed removal 
  • It is excellent for deeper digging 
  • Made up of sturdy chrome-plated steel 
  • A tremendous compact henbit weed puller tool for yard lawn, garden, and farm

***Control and Get Rid of Henbit Using Tillage***

Tillage is another mechanical control of henbit weed that you can adopt fast for your lawn and garden. This method will encourage the germination of the seed and then kill and get rid of henbit organically with its seed via inversion plowing, which then dries out due to the starving of soil nutrients.

Control of henbit weeds with tillage before planting is a standard method to eliminate henbit weeds density, also called primary tillage. 

What is Inversion plowing henbit control? Inversion plowing can be used to invert the soil to make sure that henbit seeds on the earth’s surface are placed at a depth that will be difficult for them to germinate. The process will uproot henbit, which will kill and cause them to die. 

Control of henbit weeds with tillage before planting is a standard method to eliminate henbit weeds density, also called primary tillage. When plowing is done according to the practice, it will also help kill and get rid of stink bugs and pests in your garden and lawn organically. 

Below are recommended tools that can ease your tillage jobs on your garden and lawns:

Earthwise Tiller & Cultivator (8.5-Amp Corded Electric)

  • It is a tiller and cultivator of an 8.5-Amp electric motor for any garden.
  • A corded and powerful tiller and cultivator with excellent run time service life
  • It can help you till and cultivate up to 8″ deep and 11″ wide.
  • It is lightweight and easy to use with a single lever switch.
  • Cultivator machine with a soft ergonomic grip handle.
  • An ecosystem-friendly tiller and cultivator is a great alternative to gas-powered lawn and garden equipment for your home.

Sun Joe Lawn Trimmer (Cordless Sharper Blade Stringless) 

  • It has durable 6-inch steel tilling blades to eliminate and remove henbit from your lawn and garden with ease. 
  • The tilling edge is dual with will cultivate a 6″ deep path and 25″ wide in a single stroke.
  • The auxiliary handle is ergonomic that eases off pain and strain from handling this tool.
  • It is a cordless and rechargeable cultivator and mobile tiller that will help you kill henbit on the lawn.

Radius Garden Root Slayer Shovel

  • The shovel is designed to ease and reduce stress from your hands and wrist.
  • The V-shaped shovel will help you rip off roots and dirt quickly.
  • It is excellent and suitable for any task in your garden.

Edward Tools Hoe and Cultivator Hand Tiller

  • It is a must-have carbon steel blade hoe and cultivator. 
  • A heavy-duty tool for loosening soil, digging and weeding and digging 
  • The handle that is ergonomic rubber is very comfortable to hold and handle
  • It is made of solid oak for extra strength and durability
  • It is your multi-purpose tool for a vegetable garden. 

***Remove And Eliminate Henbit Using Thermal Weed Control***

Thermal weed control is the mechanical control process of using heat energy to kill and eliminate henbit and their seeds via different direct and indirect thermal weed control techniques such as steam, freezing, hot water, flaming, and the use of fire (Ascard et al., 2007).

The most used thermal weed control is the flame weeder that blows the torch to kill and eliminate weeds via “burning.” The objective of flame weeding henbit is to cause a heat shock that causes cellular damage and loses its rigidity (Wilting). It is the act of denaturing proteins in the henbit. The henbit does not need to go up in flame, but barely scorching them will do the damage and get them to die within days. 

Another thermal weed control method for henbit is hot air weeders and soil steam sterilization that can destroy henbit seed via direct contact. It would be best if you take care to use both types of blow torch for weeds (i.e., flame and hot air weeders) several centimeters from the henbit weeds; the fire should not touch your garden plants. 

Mag-Torch Blow Torch for Weeds  

  • Call it MagFire henbit blow torch for weed that will connect easily with any BBQ Tank.
  • It comes with a spark lighter for a safe and easy ignition at any time. 
  • It is recommended to use with a minimum of a 20 pounds cylinder.

Flame King Propane Torch Blow Torch for Weeds 

  • The flame king propane torch came with an integrated lighter.
  • It is excellent to eliminate and remove henbit from asphalt, lawn, gardens, and gravel driveways. 
  • The handle came with a molded design and a non-slip for added grip control.
  • It is already assembled and ready to use.
  • The Weed Burner is self-igniting and went with a brass adjusting valve that controls the flame. 
  • Great for henbit weed control, ice melting, and any other outdoor weed removing activities. 

***Kill and Get Rid of Henbit Using Mowing and Cutting*** 

The henbit’s mowing method of mechanical weed control will help cut off those above ground level in your lawn or garden. Timely and adequately scheduled mowing or cutting will eliminate the spreading of henbit and help reduce its populations and dramatically restrict growth. 

Does mowing help control henbit? Yes, timely and adequately done mowing will defeat harmful and aggressive henbit weeds in any location. You start mowing in your lawn and garden as soon as you begin seeing henbit and many other annual weeds flowering to prevent them from bloom. 

It is professionally advised never to mow henbit or any grass before the application of henbit weed killers. Doing that will eliminate and reduce henbit surface contact with the herbicides, decreasing the success of henbit weed killer. Also, ensure not to cut henbit six days before application and two days after. 

Mowing Equipment to Get Rid of Henbit

Two main types of mowers are currently great for use on lawns. They are rotary mowers and reel mowers. Reel mowers use five to six cylindrical rotating blades that spin vertically, usually from north to south.  

Reel mowers are great for lower mowing height but are very expensive for many lawns owners and can be complex to manage and adjust by users. It is also challenging to use with debris and stones, except for delicate turf areas like athletic fields and golf courses.

These are our recommendations of mowers and the best henbit weed killer cutting tools with great pricing:

American Lawn Mower Company 

  • It is 14-Inch and came with a 5-Blade Push Reel for your lawn.
  • Has a cutting width of 14″ by 8.5″, with an excellent polymer wheel for ease of movement in any terrain. 
  • It is a mechanical lawn mower that will eliminate and remove henbit (lamium ground cover) from the lawn.
  • It came with an adjustable blade height of between 1″ to 1.75″ with an excellent scissor action cut.
  • The heat-treated alloy steel blades are sharp and durable and can last you for years.
  • It is lightweight, pollution-free, easy to maintain, and a great alternative to gas-powered lawnmowers. 

Scotts Outdoor Power Push Reel Lawn Mower

  • It is a push manual reel lawn mower with five blades.
  • Using this Lawn Mower is the best way to eliminate and get rid of henbit weeds in your lawn organically without killing the grass and vegetables. 
  • The Scotts reel mower is gas-powered with a durable and strong blade that hacks the grass in your yard.
  • There is no need for content clean-up because it has no motor or engine.
  • It is a manual reel lawn mower with no gas nor oil that is lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to operate and manage.

GREBSTK Crack Weeder Crevice & Lawn Yard Gardening Tool 

  • GREBSTK Crack is an excellent tool for eliminating and removing moss, henbit, and other weeds between paving stones.
  • You can use the sharp edge cutting part to clean off henbit (lamium ground cover) weed and any moss from stones.
  • The L shape of this tool is excellent for use in a different direction in the walkways, playground areas, patios, irrigation, and dog fencing. 
  • The beech handle is lightweight and very strong, and you can call it the best henbit weed killer manual cutting tool.
  • Its stainless-steel blade is excellent for abrasion resistance and durability.
  • You can use the tool to eliminate and eliminate henbit and any other weeds from driveway cracks and patio stones in any hardscape. 

WORX Power Share Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger

  • WORX Power Share is what you need to eliminate, remove, and get rid of henbit from lawn edges.
  • Great to be used for sharper shrubs and debris-free lawn
  • The 2-in-1 Grass Trimmer is very flexible and easy to customize the string trimmer for your lawns.
  • It has a telescopic shaft that adjusts to postures and heights of all sizes and shapes. 
  • The handle has a soft but over-mold grip, while you can grasp the front D handle from any angle.
  • You have Trimmer & Edger in one with this buy.
  • It is rechargeable, and you can work outdoor and in any terrain.
  • Its leaf blower is like a jet engine because its “TURBINE Blower line” was designed and based on a jet engine design.

***Remove and Get Rid of Henbit (Lamium Ground Cover) Weeds Using Stabbing***

Stabbing henbit will kill and destroy the weed. It is one of the fastest mechanical control to eliminate and remove henbit from the lawn. Stabbing will destroy and injure the henbit carbohydrate storage structure located at its stem base below the soil.

How does Stabbing henbit weed control works? The stabbing henbit weed control is cutting off access to the henbit carbohydrate storage structure. This process will weaken and starve off the Lamium ground cover structure as a whole, eliminating and killing it with time.

Stabbing of Lamium ground cover is done by using a knife at the base of the plant (ensure it is very close to the ground and the dirt where the roots are) to tear off and sever its taproot to stop re-sprouting. The Michigan Dune System used the stabbing of weed control to control the invasive baby’s breath.

Radius Garden Root Slayer Soil Knife


Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife 


The Attican Hori Hori Multipurpose Gardening Knife


***Remove and Eliminate Henbit Using Mulching***

Mulching is the process of protecting and conserving the soil by covering the ground with a layer of organic matter. The mulch itself is a layer of material (usually organic) that you apply to the soil surface to remove and eliminate henbit and other stubborn weeds in your garden. 

The purpose of mulch application is not only to control and suppress Lamium ground cover and other aggressive weeds. The advantage and benefits of mulching include:

  • Mulching will keep the soil cool, moist, and aerated, 
  • Conservation of soil moisture, 
  • Prevent frost jam-packed in winter,
  • Prevent your garden plant from soilborne diseases
  • Keeps the visual view and appeal of your lawn and garden,
  • Organic mulches also improve your soil structure, drainage, and the ability of the soil to maintain good nutrients and decompose. 

Over mulching will bury and damage your plants, it creates pest hideout and can generate a lot of heat that can burn your garden plant to destruction. 

What is the best mulch material to prevent henbit (Lamium ground cover) weeds? There are different mulch materials recommendations for your garden and lawn: Mulch recommended for your gardens includes grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, straw, plastic. At the same time, mulch best for your properties, flowerbeds, and shrubs are the bark, wood chips, newspaper, rocks, stone, and gravel. 

Below are recommended and ready to use mulch for your use:

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower

  • Greenworks come with 3-in-1 mowing capabilities, i.e., mulching, rear collection, and side discharge.
  • Its cutting path of 20-inch-wide offers an excellent balance for maneuverability and capacity for practical mid-sized areas. 
  • It came with a very powerful 12 Amp motor that provides formidable mulching power. 
  • Have a rugged stamped steel cutting deck that makes it durable and very strong.
  • There are seven adjustable cutting heights of various positions from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches. 
  • It also came with a Cam lock handle that provided easy folding and storage of the unit. 
  • Its integrated cord lock prevents cord disconnects accidents from happening. 
  • The tool is excellent for eliminating and remove henbit from lawns and yards.

Scotts Turf Builder Zoysia Grass Seed and Mulch 

  • Help you combine mulch and grass seed with growing a durable and rugged mulch.
  • The mulch is long-lasting, thrives in heat and drought. The grass seed is exceptionally versatile with 99.9% weed-free.
  • It contains Seeds that are up to 2,000 sq. ft.

Rubberific Rubber Mulch Bagged Brown

  • Rubberific Brown Rubber Mulch 0.8 cu. ft.

FibreDust CoCo Mulch (11- Pounds)


Plant Best Mega Mulch 

  • The mulch is natural and will last up to 2 years
  • It will retard weed growth and reduces watering
  • It helps prevent soil erosion and helps beautifies your outdoor area.

Control of Henbit Weed Using Preventive Methods

Prevention is essential in weed management of your garden and lawn. Any system and method you put into preventing Lamium amplexicaule formation in gardens and lawns is preventive control of henbit weed.  

One great way to eliminate and get rid of henbit weeds organically is to prevent them and stop them from spreading in your garden and lawn. Prevention of henbit is not going to be a one-time job but one you will need to continue to do daily. 

Below are henbit preventive measures for your garden and lawn:

Grow a Tightly Close Plant

One way to prevent henbit and any weed is to grow your garden or lawn tightly close together. Ensure you plant your flowers and vegetable using the most relative recommended space as much as possible. 

One great way to achieve dense planting for henbit weed control is to plant low growing and those creeping shrubs within the space left that can later accommodate henbit. You can also adopt the usage of block spacing instead of the typical growing of plants in rows. Growing a dense lawn will not be able to accommodate Lamium ground cover weed in your home. 

Other great ways to prevent Lamium amplexicaule from growing in your lawn and garden includes:

  • Mulching Your Beds
  • Regular Mowing
  • Consistently weeding of your garden 
  • Application of pre-emergent henbit weed treatment
  • Elimination of hitchhikers that are weed seeds

How to Kill and Eliminate Henbit – Video

Conclusion: How to Eliminate and Get Rid of Henbit Weeds Organically.

Thanks for reading our practical ways to remove, kill, and get rid of henbit organically in your lawn and garden. What do you think of using preventive methods of herbicides, mechanical approaches, and control of henbit weed?

You can now eliminate and kill henbit with various high-tech tools recommended in this article: thermal weed control, weed barrier fabric, weed pullers, mowing, cutting, and selective and non-selective henbit weed killer, etc.,

What do you think? Do you have an idea of a better way to kill and get rid of Lamium amplexicaule that is not stated here? We will love to know.

How to Control and Get Rid of Henbit – YouTube


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  1. Hi John, thanks for the comprehensive article on Henbit and weed eradication. I found the information very informative. As some one who has suffered from cancer before, I must ask, are these herbicides safe. Or what precautions should I take to minimize any nasty effects. Can you tell me what is the chemical make up of the ingredients in the herbicides you suggest. Thanks in advance.  .  

    1. The primary chemical component group in any herbicides are the acids called “chlorophenoxy “Examples are triazines like atrazine, simazine, and hexazinone; also, 2,4,5 and 2,4-D-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T); chemical like organic phosphorus; etc.

      Yes, herbicides are dangerous, but it is generally safe if used according to the specification as stated in the instructions. Herbicides are still the best and fastest ways to kill, eliminate, and get rid of henbit in your garden and lawns.

      The good news is that you have other fantastic and effective options to get rid of those henbit weeds fast, such as the Mechanical Control methods that give you various ways to eliminate and get rid of henbit in lawns, gardens, and your household surroundings.

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