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Top 11 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Stink Bugs On Tomato Plants Naturally

One of the significant problems of growing vegetables worldwide and most especially in the US is stink bugs on tomato plants. But how do you get off stink bugs on tomatoes naturally without introducing chemicals to kill the pest? 

There are many options to kill and get rid of stink bugs on your tomato plants. These are our recommendations if you practice organic gardening and you want to avoid the use of pesticides using: Kaolin Clay, Garlic, Vinegar, Coffee Grounds, Cages and Cones, Neem Oil, Sevin, and Diatomaceous Earth.


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Important Tools to Get Out Stink Bugs On Tomato Plants

***VIVOSUN Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer (1.85-gallon)***

  • VIVOSUN Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer (1.85-gallon)
  • Came with a pressure relief valve and adjustable shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to use in your tomato garden and plants.
  • Multi-Functional with Translucent Bottle with calibrations on the side
  • It is comfortable and safe to use for long watering and helps you spray hard to access your tomato plants. 

***ITISLL Portable Garden Pump Sprayer (2Gal)***

  • It came with a brass wand shoulder strap for your garden plants and lawn 
  • The Multi-Purpose ITISLL portable garden pump sprayer is portable for other usages such as cleaning and washing cars, irrigating plants, bathing pets. 
  • It has an ergonomic handle and adjustable brass rod.

***How to Kill and Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Using Vinegar***

You can use vinegar to kill and get rid of stink bugs on tomatoes plant organically. Growing your tomatoes and vegetable plants naturally has so many benefits, but you must avoid chemicals with pesticides always present in non-organic gardening. 

It is always challenging to keep away insects and difficult bugs like stink bugs on your tomato plants without pesticides. You can adopt vinegar, a household remedy, and great organic pest control. 

How to Prepare Vinegar to Kill and Get off Stink Bugs on Tomato Plant? 

Can you spray vinegar directly on tomato plants? It is advised that you only sprinkle a mixture of 2 to 3 tablespoons apple cider or white vinegar into a gallon of water with a teaspoon of a dishwashing detergent. Use the solution on the affected portion of your tomato plants. Ensure you target both the undersides of the leaves and the top of the plant. 

Will vinegar kill bugs on tomato plants? Yes, vinegar will not only eliminate stink bugs tomato plants but will also kill other garden pests. You can get vinegar spray on many online stores that are highly effective in killing and getting rid of stink bugs on tomatoes plants. 

Benefits of Using Vinegar to Keep Off Stink Bugs on Tomatoes Plants

A higher concentration of vinegar is also highly effective as a weed killer in your tomato vegetable garden. A mixture of 50 by 50 vinegar to water solution spray directly on those weeds will kill those grass. 

The Danger of Using Vinegar to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomatoes Plants

Excessive use of high concentrations of vinegar can cause harm to other plants in the tomato garden. Never spray high concertation of vinegar solution directly on your Tomatoes, Plants, and vegetables. The diluted vinegar solution should not harm your tomato and garden plants in any way. 

See our recommended vinegar sprays on Amazon that will kill and get rid of stink bugs on your tomatoes plants:

Pure 20% Vinegar for Home and Garden (4 Gallon Case)

  • The vinegar for home and garden is all-natural from corn grown in the USA.
  • It is excellent for gardening, killing, eliminating, and getting rid of stink bugs and other insect tomato plants.
  • Excellent for multi-purpose usage, i.e., for laundry, chrome polishing, grease removal, cleaning carpet stain, appliances, furniture, and car seats. 
  • It a stronger than regular white vinegar and can be diluted and use for your choice of jobs. 
  • It is natural, safe, non-caustic, biodegradable, and non-toxic for pets, kids, and people at home. 

Eucalyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar 

  • Dilutes to 9 gallons, 9x power cleaning vinegar, and it is plant-based 
  • Eucalyptus 45% is excellent for killing, eliminating, and getting rid of stink bugs on indoor and outdoor tomatoes plants. 
  • It is concentrated, potent, and 9x more robust than regular vinegar.
  • You can dilute the Calyptus 45% Vinegar in ratio 1:8 with water or can be used directly for those tough jobs. 
  • You can get 9 regular cleaning vinegar with a gallon of Calyptus 45% Vinegar.

Natural Armor 30% Vinegar for Home and Garden (128 Oz Gallon Refill)

  • It is 6X more robust than regular vinegar.
  • The Natural Armor 30% Vinegar is an effective killing agent, eliminating and eliminating stink bugs on tomatoes plants. 
  • Natural Armor is all-purpose and can be used to clean refrigerator shelves, microwaves, oven door windows, tub scum, and bathroom.
  • You can also use it to eliminate and get rid of stink bugs smells in your homes and apartments.
  • Natural Armor is trusted by Horticultural and Agricultural Professionals and gardeners in the US and across the world. 
  • It is safe for your kid, pets, and people in your household. 

***How to Keep Off Stink Bugs from Tomato Plants Using Coffee Grounds***

Science and research have proved that you can eliminate, protect, and keep off stink bugs away from your tomato plants with caffeine in coffee grounds. Both used and fresh coffee grounds are great to help you get rid of stink bugs on tomatoes.  

Also, coffee grounds are an excellent alternative to fertilizer for your tomato garden (most especially if mixed and blended with eggshells). It will contribute nitrogen to your garden soil and help you keep off all kinds of bugs, including the green stink bugs.

Why Stink Bugs and Pest Hate Coffee Grounds 

How do coffee grounds repel stink bugs and pests on tomato plants? Most problems and bugs cannot stand the strong smell of the brewed coffee grounds. The smell of burnt coffee grounds is more pungent than un-burnt coffee grounds. The smell will bother stink bugs and other pests and keep them off your tomato and garden plants. 

Also, coffee grounds contain caffeine and diterpenes, and bugs and pests are incredibly prone to these compounds. It is why coffee grounds are used as insect and pest repellent in tomato plants and gardens. 

You can also scatter coffee grounds around your tomato plants to keep stink bugs off your garden plants. It will help create a barrier to keep pests and bugs off your garden

Mixture Of Coffee Grounds to Get Rid of Stink Bugs On Tomato Plants

How to use coffee grounds on tomato plants? Sprinkle a cup of coffee grounds in the base of your tomato plant and use it on the topsoil (within 3 inches). You can use it throughout the summer to get rid of stink bugs, maintain moisture and provide more nutrients to your tomato plant and garden. 


Ensure you sensibly use coffee grounds so as not to use them in excess. Tomato only flourishes in slightly acidic soil and not in highly concentrated acidic soil. 

Recommended coffee grounds for your tomato garden plants:

DEATH WISH COFFEE Ground Coffee Dark Roast [16 oz.] 

  • The World’s Strongest Coffee – Organic, Fair Trade,
  • Substantial Coffee Grounds from Arabica, Robusta (1-Pack)
  • It is the most bought ground coffee with over 38,290 positive reviews from real customers.
  • You can use the USED DEATH WISH COFFEE to protect and eliminate stink bugs on your tomato garden plants. 

***How to Keep Stink Bugs off Tomato Plants Using Cages and Cones***

One great way to protect your tomato plants from stink bugs is by using tomato cages and cones in your garden plants. It will protect your vegetables from insects and bugs that access your tomato from the base of the stem. 

Tomato cages and cones will give your tomato plants a perfect shield to prevent physical contact of stink bugs and pests to your tomato plants. It also gives off rats and other tomato garden pests.

How do you use tomato cones and cages to put off stink bugs and other pests? You will poke the cages into the soils and around your tomato plants. The tomato cones or cages are made from steel that will support your garden plant as they grow. It is essential to stick to cones and cages over 32 inches tall for complete protection against bugs and pests.   

The cages and cones will lift your tomato plant and make it inaccessible to insects and pests. 

Below are recommended tomato cages and cones for complete protection from stink bugs and other garden pests:

K-Brands Tomato Cage – Plant Stakes with Clips (3 Pack – 72 inches Tall)


3 Packs Tomato Cages (51-inch Height)

  • They assembled a tomato garden plant with stakes vegetable trellis support.
  • Multifunctional climbing vegetable and fruits plant support 
  • It Contains 24pcs tubes, 36pcs arms, and 36 pieces of 16inch core stakes

Plant Barrier Net Mesh, (3 Pieces Tomato Bags)


Ram-Pro clips Green Gentle Tomato Gardening Plant (40 Clips)

  • It is weatherproof, reusable, spring steel that is non-rustink
  • Will support and protect our tomato garden plants against stink bugs and other pests
  • It secures your garden plants from being damaged, especially on rainy and windy days.
  • Easy and straightforward to use. See other features.

***How to Kill and Keep Stink Bugs off Tomato Plants Using Neem Oil***  

Neem Oil is another excellent natural insecticide you can use to repel and keep stink bugs off tomatoes. There is so much academic research about the usefulness and importance of neem oil as a pesticide.

Neem oil is extracted from the seed kernels of the Neem tree, i.e., Azadirachta indica. Neem oil is made up of many active ingredients like sialin, Nimbin, picrin, and the most active of them is “Azadirachtin,.” Neem oil is a deep yellow garlic-like color. 

How Does Neem Oil Kill and Keep off Stink Bugs?

Azadirachtin is the most active agent in the neem oil that repels and kills stink bugs and other pests. It reduces the bug’s feeding capacity and makes it difficult for pests and insects to reproduce. The azadirachtin in neem oil acts as a neurotoxin in bugs and will disrupt their behaviors, including mating (preventing larvae from getting to maturity) and feeding. 

Neem oil is now used to control bugs and insects for various gardeners and growers for crop protection for extensive farming and small-scale gardening. 

How to Make Neem Oil to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Plant

Item Needed: Neem oil, warm water, and a spray bottle.

Harris 100% Pure Neem Oil for Plant Spray 

  • Hydrophobic Azadirachtin Extracted Neem Oil
  • Pure cold-pressed 100% unrefined neem oil
  • Natural with no chemicals or additives
  • For organic and vegetable gardening uses

Organic Neem Oil (16 oz)

how-does-neem-oil-kill-and keep-offstink-bugs
  • It is USDA Certified, 
  • High-Quality Cold Pressed and Unrefined
  • Pure and 100% Naturals

It will be great to make your neem oil for use on your tomato plants. Fill your spray bottle with warm water. A large spray bottle of either 24 or 32 ounces of warm water will take 3 teaspoons of neem oil and either a teaspoon of dish soap or unscented castile soap.  

You can then spray the solution on your tomato plant to kill and keep off stink bugs and other pests. You can spray the neem oil spray solution at any time of the day. The spraying can be done once per week. Neem oil is a highly effective pesticide that will kill and eliminate stink bugs and over 200 other insects. 

Below are other neem products you can use:

Neem Cake for Organic Gardening (5 lb)

  • It is a natural and very effective neem cake
  • For use in vegetable gardens, house plants, and on all fruit trees
  • To be diluted and use as neem oil solution to be sprinkling into plants and soil.

***How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants Using Soapy Water***

Another best and natural way to get rid of stink bugs on tomatoes is to use a mixture of soapy water solution. It is simple to prepare:

Item Needed: Dish soap, water, and Your spray bottle.

Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap (4x19oz) 


Prepare 4 tablespoons of dish soap with 3 cups of water. Put the solution in your spray bottle and spray your tomato plants with the liquid solution. The soap in the solution will cause dehydration in stink bugs and many bugs, for that matter. 

Use Water to Get off Stink Bugs from Your Tomatoes  

Another way to get off stink bugs on tomato plants is to do thorough spraying of your tomatoes vegetable garden with water. It is like a heavy downpour of rain. Heavy rain or spraying will get off and remove all bugs from your plants. 

Use Water and Lavender Oil to Keep Off Stink Bugs from Tomato Plants

Item needed: Water, Lavender Oil, and Spray bottle.

Handcraft Spearmint Essential Oil (with Premium Glass Dropper)


Use ratio 1:1 water and lavender oil solution to treat tomatoes plants to keep off stink bugs. Spraying the solution with the garden sprayer will repel and get stink bugs off tomato plants.

***How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants Using Sevin***

There are many questions about the use of Sevin to kill tomato plants, pests, and stink bugs? Does Sevin dust powder or liquid kill stink bugs?

Do you want to know what kills stink bugs fast on tomatoes? One of the most potent pest controls you can use to kill and eliminate stink bugs on tomato plants is Sevin dust powder or the spray. Any one of them will do the job for your tomato plants. 

It is also effective for other insects and pests in tomato and plants gardens. Care must also be taken when using Sevin because it is toxic to humans, kids, and pets. It is known and recognized as a human carcinogen by EPA (the environmental monitor agency). 

How Effective Is Sevin to Kill Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants

Sevin is the trade name for Carbaryl (Carbamate ester, a product condensation of methyl carbamic acid with 1-naphthol). The Carbaryl with molecular formula C12H11NO2 (1-naphthyl methylcarbamate) is a powerful synthetic insecticide used heavily in garden plants as pest control across the world. 

Sevin is toxic to insects will kill stink bugs in no time. It is often used to control dozens of indoor like spiders, fleas, fire ants, aphids, spiders, ticks, many outdoor pests. 

Note: Sevin has been used as a pesticide product since 1959. It has never been registered for use on pets and inside homes in the US. 

There are over 200 pesticide products that contain Carbaryl. It includes granules, dust, water-soluble products, and sprays. They are often used on home gardens, crops, and ornamental plants to kill stink bugs on tomatoes. 


When using Sevin. Always follow label guides and instructions and do not get exposed to Sevin. Would you please follow First Aid instructions as stated on the product label if you get exposed to Sevin?

How Does Sevin Work to Kill and Eliminate Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants?

When stink bugs or other insects and pests come in contact with Sevin on tomatoes garden plants. It altered their nervous system and also sent the signal to other nerves via the chemical acetylcholine. Sevin eventually breaks down the nervous system of stink bugs and any bugs they encounter, affecting their breathing muscle and later causing them to die. 

It is how Sevin dust powder and the liquid Sevin kill stink bugs instantly. 

How to Prepare liquid Sevin to kill Stink Bugs on Tomatoes Fast? 

Yes, you can kill and eliminate stink bugs on tomato plants, vegetables, shrubs, flowers, and any ornamental trees with a spray of Sevin Concentrate. It will stop and kill unwanted bugs lover hundreds of pests and bugs on contact and protect your tomato plants and garden for almost four months. 

To spray Sevin to kill stink bugs and other pests on vegetables, tomatoes, lawns, and edible gardens indoors and outdoors, mix 1.5 fl. Oz with one gallon of water. If you are targeting fruits, you may need a solution of 3.0 fl. Oz of Sevin with a gallon of water. 

Garden Tech Dust Bug Killer (3 Carbaryl Pack Packs)

  • It will kill stink bugs and over 65 Insects in your tomato garden plants. 
  • For seven to kill and get rid of stink bugs and other tomato plants, it must contact the bugs, or the pests must consume it.
  • It contains 5% dust.

Sevin GardenTech Ready to Spray Insect Killer, 32 Ounce RTS, White

  • Ready to spray Sevin insect killer will kill stink bugs and over 500 listed pests on fruits, tomato plants, vegetables, ornamentals, and lawns. 
  • It is formulated to protect over 250 vegetables, fruits including tomatoes. 
  • You can use it up to one day of harvestink your tomatoes and other vegetables like grapes, peppers, grapes, berries, etc.,  

Note: This is the acceptance letter for the usage of Sevin as presented by the EPA.

Best Alternative to Sevin

Spectracide Triazicide for Gardens and Insect Killer {16 oz)


When Should You Put Sevin Dust On Garden?

It is great to start using Sevin as soon as you sight stink bugs and any pest you need to kill fast on your tomatoes and vegetable garden. Ensure you wear your protective household latex gloves while handling Sevin. Use seven on your tomato plants when there is no possibility of rain in the next 48 hours to prevent Sevin dust from getting to blow away. 

How Often Can You Use Sevin to Tomato Plants to Kill Stink Bugs?

It is excellent to limit Sevin spray and dust to tomato plants to once every 7 days. You can do the same for most shrubs and ornamental plants. 

How soon Is It safe to harvest and eat tomatoes, vegetables, and fruits after application? The Sevin Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) chart stated that it is safe to harvest tomatoes one day after using Sevin spray or dust. It is essential to read the PHI as displayed on the product label and follow instructions thoroughly. 

***How to Keep Stink Bugs off Tomatoes Using Kaolin Clay***

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin Clay is also referred to as China clay. Kaolin Clay is a natural mineral used as an insect and pests control to keep off stink bugs on tomato plants. Also, Kaolin Clay is also used to produce fine porcelain, rubber, paint, paper, and most heat-resistant materials.

It will help you create a barrier film that will cover the tomatoes vegetable with the white powdery film. The film covering will irritate the stink bugs and insects that will keep them off the tomato plants. 

Is Kaolin clay suitable for tomato plants? Kaolin clay is a naturally occurring mineral mined in massive deposits across the world. Kaolin generally does not react with other elements or materials and is insoluble in water (inert). 

To get stink bugs off tomato plants using Kaolin, you have to spray them in a suspension to form a barrier film that will coat all parts of tomato plants. The coating repels and keeps off stink bugs and other pests from reaching the tomatoes and vegetable plants.

Kaolin has FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status when used in human food. EPA also finds Kaolin not to be harmful for use in environment any non-targeted organism. It is also vital for you to know that National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) accepted Kaolin clay as organic content

How to Mix Kaolin Clay to Keep off Stink Bugs on Tomatoes

Item Required: Kaolin clay, dish wash soap, water, and bottle spray. 

Kaolin Clay Powder for Gardening (50 lb. Bag)


You will mix 1 quart of Kaolin clay with 15 ml of dish wash soap and two gallons of water. You can then apply Kaolin clay solution to tomato plants. Also, you will need to reapply every week for four weeks. 

You must apply Kaolin clay before the stink bugs attack your tomato plants, and you can also use Kaolin clay on tomato plants until the day of harvest. Wash the tomatoes and vegetables thoroughly before consumption. 

***How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomatoes Using Essential Oil***

A great natural way to repel stink bugs and another pest from your tomato garden is to use essential oils like peppermint oil. Mint herb radiates an aroma that the stink bugs can not withstand.  

Know that peppermint essential oil’s strong scent will only act as a repellant and help you keep off stink bugs in your tomatoes but will not kill them. 

What is the difference between peppermint and essential oil for tomatoes garden plants treatment? The extracted essential oil from the leaves and flowering parts of the peppermint plant gives you Peppermint oil. It is highly recommended to use the essential oil with mint (i.e., Peppermint oil) to keep off stink bugs on tomato plants. 

Will Peppermint Oil Keep Stink Bugs Away from Tomatoes?

Yes, Peppermint essential oil will repel and keep off stink bugs on your tomato plant. You only need 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and two cups of water. Put the solution in a spray bottle. Just use the spray on your tomato plants. It works well for other bugs and garden pests. 

The use of essential (peppermint) oil to keep off stink bugs from your tomato garden will help you achieve the following:

  • It discourages insects, keeps other pests away from your tomato plant, and supports your tomato and vegetable plant to grow healthier and better. 
  • It masks the scents of your tomato vegetable plants.

What Essential Oils Repel Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants?

You can go for any peppermint oil in your local stores. Below are our recommendations:

EcoSmart Peppermint Oil Garden Insect Killer (with Spray Bottle)


Edens Garden Essential Oil (100% Pure Therapeutic Grade) 


Earth’s Ally Insect Control Spray Insecticide for Garden 


***How to Kill and Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Using Diatomaceous Earth***

Diatomaceous earth is made up of finely crushed skeletons (silica-rich shells) of fossil diatoms. Each abrasive dust and particle of Diatomaceous earth has sharp edges that can easily scratch and puncture the soft outer layer bodied of the insects’ shells. The exposed smooth body of the stink bugs absorbed the abrasive dust and caused them to be dehydrated and die. 

The aim is to use the Diatomaceous earth to expose the outer layer covering the bugs’ bodies. You can call Diatomaceous a pest control because it will kill and keep off stink bugs from tomatoes and other vegetable plants. 

 It is not encouraged to use the raw Diatomaceous earth on your garden plant. It will be great to get any Diatomaceous earth formation prepared and ready to be used for your tomato and garden plants in your local store (some brands are not labeled for vegetable plants).  

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants?

Diatomaceous earth is non-toxic and safe for your pets, kids, and human. It is an effective way to kill stink bugs and pests naturally on tomatoes and vegetable gardens without pesticides. Care must be taken to only apply and use Diatomaceous earth on apparent stink bugs and pest infestations because it will kill and repel beneficial insects to your plants. 

How to Use Diatomaceous Earth on Tomato and Vegetable Garden? 

You are to apply and sprinkle the thin layer of the Diatomaceous earth dust powder anywhere from the lower base of each tomato plant to repel and control pests and stink bugs that will get to the plants via the soil. You can also sprinkle the powder directly on the bugs and onto the stems and the leaves of the tomato plants already affected by stink bugs. 

How Often Should You Use Diatomaceous Earth on Tomato Plants? 

The Diatomaceous earth is usually applied dry in a dust and powder form. But you can prepare the wet form of the Diatomaceous earth. The best mixture ratio is 4 table tablespoons of Diatomaceous earth with a gallon of water. Thoroughly mix until the dust is entirely disintegrated. 

The Diatomaceous earth will continue to protect your tomatoes from stink bugs and other pests even up to the day of harvest. It is advisable always to reapply diatomaceous after each rainfall. 

DEsect Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide for Garden (EPA Reg. No. 7655-1)

  • DEsect Diatomaceous earth insecticide will kill and repel stink bugs on tomatoes and any vegetable garden pests.
  • It is a liquid form of Diatomaceous earth used in wettable powder form for indoor and outdoor garden plants and fruit trees.
  • It is a registered Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Garden Safe Insect Killer Diatomaceous Earth


Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster (Perfect for Organic Gardening)


Bizzy One Bulb Duster – Diatomaceous Earth (Garden Puffer Duster) 

  • The Bizzy bulb duster is a multi-purpose one with a silicone bulb and brass lances that is resistant to rust
  • The Bizzy bulb duster is easy to fill and use for a long time
  • You can quickly dust even the hard-to-reach part of your garden plants

***How to Get Stink Bugs off Tomato Plants Using Garlic Spray***

Another natural way to keep off stink bugs from tomato plants is to use garlic spray. Stink bugs and pests, in general, do not like the potent garlic odor, though garlic spray will only keep stink bugs off tomato plants but not kill them. You can prepare a home remedy of garlic spray in different forms. 

What is in garlic that keeps off bugs in tomatoes and vegetable garden plants? 

Garlic spray great for garden plants combines multiple sulfur compounds found in garlic cloves and the allicin compound found in garlic. The two varieties interfere with the sensory receptors of insects and bugs. Allicin is produced when garlic is crushed, which results from the conversion of alliin to allicin by an enzyme called alliinase. It is what is responsible for the aroma of fresh garlic. 

How to Make Pesticide Spray with Garlic to Keep off Stink Bugs from Tomato Plants?

You can make different forms of garlic spray to keep pests and bugs in your tomato and vegetable plants. These are various forms of garlic spray you can make from home to keep stink bugs off your tomatoes. 

Mix Garlic with Boiling Water to Get Stink Bugs Off Tomato Plants

Items needed: Water (+boil water), Garlic, Cheesecloth, and Garlic Press Mincer.

Fresh California Garlic Bulb (7 Pack)


Mempedont Garlic Press Mincer (Stainless Steel Garlic Crusher) 

  • It is a Peeler Set, 
  • Detachable and Heavy-duty usage
  • Rust Proof Garlic Mincer Design for Extracts More Garlic Paste Per Clove

Cheesecloth, Grade 90and Reusable (100% Unbleached)

  • It is cotton fabric, 
  • Ultra Fine Cheese Cloth for Cooking 
  • Nut Milk Bag, Strainer, Filter (Grade 90-4Yards)

Yes, a combination of boiled water and crushed garlic will give you a potent concentrated spray pesticide for your tomatoes and vegetable garden plants. 

How do you get the correct mix? You will crush two bulbs of garlic with a ½ cup of water. Put your crushed garlic in a bowl and pour boiling water and cover it up over the night. Ensure you strain the mixture to get a solution of garlic and water to prevent the garlic pieces from clogging the nozzle of your spray, then pour in a spray bottle. 

Mix Garlic with Pepper Spray to Get Stink Bugs Off Tomato Plants

Items needed: Water (+boil water), Garlic, Hot pepper, Cheesecloth, and Garlic Press Mincer.

McCormick Crushed Red Pepper – Organic (7.75 oz)


World’s Hottest Hot Sauce Gift Set (3 Bottles)


Put two bulbs of garlic and two hot peppers in a blender and pour 1/2 cup of water. You can use 1 tablespoon of hot sauce if you don’t have hot peppers. Use the blender thoroughly on the mixture for several minutes until the garlic and hot pepper are well crushed, mixed, and married together. The pieces of debris will still be in the solution, then slowly strain out the debris with stretch cheesecloth using a glass jar. 

To achieve a more potent spray hot pepper spray that will get off stink bug on tomatoes fast, add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil to the solution. You will need to dilute the liquid solution further with ¼ Cup of the mixture to a gallon of water. Note that you can NOT use the diluted solution directly on your tomato plant. 

Mix Garlic with Fish Emulsion Spray to Get Stink Bugs Off Tomato Plants

Items Needed: Water (+boil water), garlic, castile soap, 

Alaska Fish Emulsion Liquid Organic (For all Purpose )


Stage 1

Please put 3 ounces of a finely minced clove of garlic in 1 ounce of mineral oil. Let them be mixed and married together for a minimum of 24 hours. You can then strain the liquid with a good cheesecloth into a glass jar. 

Stage 2

Pour one teaspoon of fish emulsion with 15 ounces of water and add 1 tablespoon of castile soap. You will then combine the garlic solution with the fish emulsion solution using a glass jar. The new mixture is ready to repel and keep off stink bugs and other bugs on tomatoes. The fish emulsion and garlic spray can serve you for months.

Note: You don’t use the spray concentrated mixture direct on your tomatoes and vegetable plants for pest control. To start the usage, mix 2 tablespoons of the concentrated liquid with 2 cups of water and pour into a spray bottle for springling on a tomato plant to get off stink bugs. 

You can use the solution for pest treatment of tomatoes and other vegetable garden plants.

***Organic Ways to Control and Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomatoes***

These are different organic ways to control and keep stink bugs off your tomatoes and vegetable garden in no time. Observe the following and be free from stink bug infestation of your tomato plants and vegetable garden. 

Avoid Over Crowding of Tomato Plant

The first step of controlling stink bugs is to avoid overcrowding your tomato plant. Overcrowding your plants will prevent sunlight from getting to all your plants. Ensure you do the spacing and separate plants that are too close to each other by trimming weak branches of your tomato plants in your vegetable garden. 

You must also constantly remove the garden debris and weeds to make sure you keep the garden in its best shape. 

Use Natural Deterrents of Cultural Control to Keep Stink Bug off Tomatoes

Another way to stop stink bugs in your tomato plant is to plant and introduce plants that repel stink bugs naturally via their scent, while other plants attract beneficial predators that will eat stink bugs. 

Plants that Repel Stink Bugs In Tomato Garden Plants

Some aromatic herbs plants to consider that repel stink bugs off tomatoes and other vegetable gardens include thyme deter, catnip, lavender, garlic, and marigolds.

Use Predatory Insect that Kill Stink Bugs

Also, predatory insects, insect-like spiders, birds, bats, and wasps will prey on stink bugs. Planting buckwheat and purple tansy will attract them to scare stink bugs off your tomato plant.

Use Trap Crops to Trap and Kill Stink Bugs

Trap crops such as buckwheat, sunflower, and clover will trap and repel stink bugs away from your vegetable garden.

Hand Pick and Take Away Stink Bugs in Your Tomato Plants

Another best organic recommended way to get rid of stink bugs in your tomatoes is to handpick them as soon as you sight any one of them in your garden. You can only do this if you are not treating the infestation.

Stink Bugs on Tomato Plants FAQs

***Why Are Stink Bugs Attracted to Tomato Plant?***

Stink bugs are a severe agricultural pest of tomato and other vegetables such as pears, grapes, peppers, apples, cherries, lima beans, etc. They invade and feed on indoor and outdoor ornamental plants close to homes and buildings where they can get food and have shelters during winters. 

Tomatoes plant tends to attract some sets of insects and pests, and stink bugs are one of them. This army of stink bugs targets your tomatoes plant to feed, and they do that destructively. Vegetable plants, weeds, and leaves also help shelter these bugs to breed and multiply in the process. 

Stink bugs on your tomatoes plant require instant control measures so that you can gain back control of your vegetable plant. Otherwise, they can ruin and damage both the ripe fruits and the young plants because they are destructive to tomatoes and vegetable plants. 

***How Do Stink Bugs Damage Tomatoes? ***

Many scientific research and studies stop the invasive stink bugs to rescue agricultural development in the United States. The damages caused by stink bugs on tomato plants is to ruin the fruit. They feed and damage the tomato’s skin by injecting an enzyme that helps them liquefies the tomato so that they can drink the flesh raw (already turned into liquid). 

***What Does Stink Bug Damage Look Like on Tomatoes?*** 

The injection of enzyme and the feeding resulted in discoloration that looks light green, whitish, or sometimes yellowish on the spot where the stink bug attack the tomato fruits (with dark marks). 

The stink bugs left a small spot on the tomatoes’ surface like punctured with a sharp object. The average size of the spot is roughly 1⁄2 inch in diameter. In many instances, the merging of the bad spot may enlarge and comprise a large area of the fruit surface that makes the tomato vegetable unattractive.

Most young tomato fruits never make it after attack by stink bugs, while the mature fruits may reach maturity but with the scare of the stink bugs attack on tomato plants. There are ongoing research and studies of biological control of stink bugs on tomato plants about the prospects in the global state. 

Conclusion on How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs on Tomatoes

Thanks for reading our article on the best practical ways to naturally get rid of stink bugs on tomato plants. This article is for your garden if you are an organic garden owner and want to avoid chemical-based pesticides. 

There are not many articles on different ways to get rid of stink bugs on tomatoes. Those listed here are fast and effective processes to control your tomato plants and get rid of those bugs and pests. 

The most cost-effective way to eliminate and get off stink bugs from your tomatoes is doing it naturally without expensive pesticides. It is vital to follow the process and procedure describes in this article. 

You will learn how to get rid of stink bugs on your tomato plant naturally using: Kaolin Clay, Garlic, Vinegar, Coffee Grounds, Cages and Cones, Neem Oil, Sevin, and Diatomaceous Earth.

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How to Repel Stink Bugs Off of Tomato Plants – Video