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11 Best and Effective Ways to Kill Roaches Instantly at Home

The article is all about the products and brands you need to kill those roaches in your home instantly and fast. Knowing what kills cockroaches in your home instantly will help you eliminate them to keep your home and properties safe. 

Roaches are incredibly challenging and tedious to deal with because of the risks and health hazards they posed, especially to the children and the elderly. WHO confirmed that Cockroaches do carry pathogens that can result in diseases in humans. Such conditions include gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, plague, leprosy, dysentery, cholera, and Campylobacteriosis. 

Some possible option to kill roaches instantly includes sprays, boric acid, bait gel, and exterminators. You need to evaluate each option’s benefits to decide the one that suits your situation. Here are different great products and brands that will kill cockroaches instantly:

what kills cockroaches instantly

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Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap with Special Lure that Attracts Roaches to Trap and Kill (6 Packs)


HARRIS Boric Acid Roach Killer Powder with Irresistible Lure that Kills within 72 hours 


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how to kill cockroaches quickly

Cockroaches Spray

Cockroaches spray is a must-use if you like to kill those cockroaches instantly and fast. The roach spray is designed to kill very fast and instantly because of the active ingredients of the pesticides. A study has shown that synthetic pyrethroids pesticides spray will disrupt the roaches’ nervous system and later kill the cockroaches instantly

Ensure you use the product instruction for practical application. Roaches’ sprays are highly flammable. You must keep it away from fire and any volatile location like the kitchen. 

Why choose cockroaches spray instead of other products that will kill roaches instantly? You have Roach killing gels, roach bombs, roach baits that are also poisonous. Many find it very difficult to decide what to use to kill roaches at home instantly.

See why I like to kill cockroaches fast with the spray than other insecticides products:

It is not toxic to humans, though you must observe the necessary safety to spray effectively

Cockroaches spray in every department store, and you can get it on Amazon and any other online store for your immediate purchase. 

The most common roaches spray for at-home use, and there is no use for any exterminators.

You don’t need a professional exterminator to spray and achieve your instantly killing of cockroaches. 

It is easy to cleanse your home and clear the roaches’ debris.  

Raid Ant and Roach Spray Killer with Essential Oils

Get Raid Ant and Roach Killer spray now. It is the best cockroach killer that is great and safe for dogs, cats, and around children.

best cockroach killer safe for pets
  • It kills roaches, ants, and other 20 house pests.
  • It is the best cockroach killer that is safe for kids and pets (follow instructions).
  • Also, it kills roaches very quickly and fast.
  • You can use indoor, kitchen, bathroom, etc.,
  • It is made of geraniol synthesized and extract of lemongrass made. 
  • It protects your family and home.

 HARRIS Roach Liquid Spray Killer

Check out my top recommendation. It is odorless and non-staining. 

what kills cockroach instantly
  • Kills roach fast and instantly.
  • It is a gallon full help for repeated application.
  • Approved for use in residents and homes.
  • Best cockroach killer that is safe for pets and kids.
  • Included with a trigger sprayer to treat area roaches are hiding.

Cockroaches Traps

The type of product and approach you need to kill cockroaches instantly in your home depends on your situation. The best way to prevent a convention of roaches in your home is to use roaches’ traps.

Traps are easy and straightforward to implement. You will drop them around the house where there are water and food. You only need to wait for them to be trapped. 

The traps usually have a sticky surface that is not comfortable for roaches. They later get killed struggling with the traps. You can then dispose of the glue trap. 

There are different kinds and types of roach traps: tablets, contact killers, foggers, bait stations, glue boards, insecticides, and much more.

Using traps can help you eliminate and kill cockroaches in your home instantly and help you eradicate Roach’s convention and become pest-free. 

CatchMaster Roaches and Pest Trap

catchmaster roaches instant killer trap
  • With Glue and Peanutbutter Scent
  • The board will lay flat 
  • It came with a high-quality Catchmaster Signature.

Gideal 11 Pack Cockroach Traps 

what kills roach instantly
  • It is with bait and a sticky paper glue trap. 
  • It is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.
  • Spider’s ants, roach killer, centipedes, and any other home bugs
  • It is effortless to apply in inside cabinets, bathroom, kitchen, sewer, garage, etc.,
  • Made of high-quality glue coating and it ensures long-lasting super sticky glue traps.

Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Trap

  • The Black Flag Roach trap is what kills roaches fast and instantly. 
  • The jet spray has a long range and covers up to 20 feet. 
  • Great for outdoor use only. 
  • The application is effective at sunrise or sunset when roaches are dormant.

Safety Hint

Most roach traps contain toxins that can harm children or pets. Ensure you take precautions during the application.  

Diatomaceous Earth

To achieve a great result and instantly kill those roaches, sprinkle diatomaceous earth powder on the surface of the affected area of your home, kitchen appliances, store, or farmland. You can also target any hiding, cracks, or open spaces indoors. 

Ensure you use diatomaceous earth when the weather is dry. If you used it outside, and the rain washes it away, please reapply the treatment.

Only go for the Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth and avoid using the Pool-Grade Diatomaceous Earth. The Food-Grade is one of the best roaches killers that is safe and non-toxic to both humans and pets. In contrast, Food-Grade can damage both human and pet’s respiratory system. 


Another pest control method to kills cockroaches instantly is Diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth can kill several insects that include cockroaches, bed bugs, ticks, fleas, etc. It is organic pest control that is safe and will kill any insect instantly. 

Diatomaceous Earth

Get the Harris diatomaceous earth food grade with powder duster included.

  • It is composed of 10lbs natural product ground freshwater DE with no additives or fillers.
  • It is listed with organic minerals research institute, i.e., OMRI. 
  • Has powder duster for ease of applications.
  • It is made in the USA. 

Diatomaceous Earth (1 Gallon) by Earthborn Elements

diatomaceous-earth-(1 gallon)-by-earthborn-elements
  • It is a resealable bucket. 
  • Highest quality.
  • No additives
  • 100% pure freshwater amorphous silica


Many use borax (also known as sodium tetraborate) to eliminate and kill cockroaches instantly at home because it is affordable, cheap, and easy to get. The issue with using borax is that it leaves a lot of dirt behind after the treatment.    

Ensure you clean the area of the roaches’ infestation before applying borax powder. The location and surface of the application must be clean to void water and food for the cockroaches and prevent debris build-up. It will give the roaches no other option of food than to come towards the powder. 

Also, be sure to follow every instruction that came with the borax and take necessary precautions by placing the borax in a location that is far from the reach of kids and pets. 

Bleach to Kill Roaches Instantly

One of those things you can use to kill cockroaches instantly is bleach. However, it is not easy to kill roaches instantly with bleach because you can not bait them. The implication of that is that you can not quickly get rid of roaches with bleach. 

You can quickly kill cockroaches with bleach if you know their exact spot nests and hideout. Bleach will not attract roaches, and that is a significant issue in using bleach to terminate cockroaches.

What does bleach do to roaches? You can use bleach to destroy the nests of roaches. If you observe that cockroaches are coming out via pipe in your shower drain or sink, then you can use a cup of bleach to kill them instantly and fast. 

Clorox Liquid Bleach

clorox liquid bleach
  • Clorox Liquid Bleach is common pest control that is known to be an effective cockroach killer. 
  • It is sold in bottle case of 3
  • Meets the FDA guidelines

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great option to kill cockroaches instantly. But how does Baking soda kill roaches so fast? Roaches die from baking powder or soda because their chemical reaction with water is explosive (not like a bomb explosion!). The chemical reaction between water and baking soda will explode inside the roaches when they eat it. 

How long will it take for baking soda to kill roaches? The chemical reaction and the explosion of baking soda and water result from sodium bicarbonate reaction to water to create carbonic acid. The response takes an instant to take place hence, killing cockroaches instantly and within an hour. 

Pure Sodium Bicarbonate Baking Soda

Pure Sodium Baking Soda is known to be a good Instant roaches killer.

pure-sodium-bicarbonate-baking soda
  • Eco-friendly packing
  • It is a pharmaceutical-grade

ARM & HAMMER Pure Baking Soda

ARM & HAMMER Pure Baking Soda is a trusted brand and will kill roaches very fast, quickly, and instantly. 

  • Highly standard and well purified
  • Can be used for a long time
  • arm & hammer pure baking soda

Boric Acid

Boric acid is another great option to kill roaches. The problem with Boric Acid and Corcroaches are that they often run away when they smell boric acid. Hence, it will be great f you had a combination of Boric acid and something that will attract roaches. Many people have a lot of success with adding raw eggs yoke with Boric acid to bait roaches. A better option that most people use is the Harris Boric Acid Powder. 

HARRIS Boric Acid Roach Killer Powder 

harris boric acid roach killer powder
  • It has a long-lasting effect.
  • Kills kill roaches, water bugs, silverfish, and palmetto bugs, etc., 
  • HARRIS Boric Acid is what kills roaches fast and instantly.
  • Easy to apply with the extended straw.
  • It has an irresistible lure that attracts roaches.
  • Best cockroach killer that is safe for people, kids, and pets. 

 Roach Fogger

A Roach Fogger is what you need to instantly kill cockroaches, especially when there is a large infestation. Though it works almost everywhere, it will do better in an open area. 

How good are Roach foggers? It is very good at killing cockroaches very fast and instantly. The foggers transform the poison into particles like fog (in multiple microns). The problem with the fogging system is that they sweep and push roaches further into the interior of their hideout. 

You will also need to do a severe clean-up after the use of the roach fogger system. Ensure you follow the instruction before use.

Raid Max Fogger

Check out this Raid Max Fogger now. It is what kills roaches instantly. It will also kill mosquitoes, ants, fleas, spiders, and most household pests. 

  • For your indoor use
  • Has a penetrating for that kills roaches?
  • It gets too deep roaches’ hideout to kill cockroaches.
  • It continues to kill roaches for up to months after application.
  • Each fogger covers a whole 25′ x 25′ room.
  • It will not just kill cockroaches but other household pests such as Spiders, Small Flying Moths, Ants, Waterbugs, Ticks, Pillbugs, Mosquitoes, Black carpets, Beetles, Crickets, Saw Toothed Grain Beetles, Rice Weevils, and Earwigs.

HARRIS Indoor Insect Fogger

  • Get this HARRIS Indoor Insect Fogger now. It is what is designed to kill cockroaches instantly. 
  • It comes in 3 Packs of foggers and is effective in treating large areas of cockroach infestation.
  • Also, eliminate other house pests such as Fleas, Mosquitos, Spiders, Ticks, and much more. 
  • It is what kills German cockroaches instantly. 
  • They are intended for apartments and homes. 
  • Reaches crevices and cracks to kill roaches very fast and quickly.

Cockroach Gel Baits

How Do Cockroach Gel Baits Work? There are many types of roach gel baits with insecticide formulations that will kill cockroaches instantly. First, the killing starts by enticing roaches to consume the gel bait, thinking it is a food source. It then consumes the insecticide within the gel bait. 

You will place small pieces of gel bait around the house and cracks and another spot where roaches are sighted. You can notice the Roach’s infestation in those places where you see shed skins, feces, and the cockroaches themselves. 

The challenge with gel baits is in the consumption of the poison. Often time, cockroaches refuse to consume the bait hence escape to be killed and eliminated. You also have to apply gel bait where roaches will see them.  Avion Cockroach Gel Bait is known to be very effective and also famous for that matter. It is a German roach bait that works most of the time. 

Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 

Get this Syngenta Advion gel bait. It is what kills roaches instantly and very fast.

  • They are for heavy roaches’ infestation.
  • You can use it in multi-family and single residential buildings, commercial, industrial facilities, and schools. 
  • Highly effective for transportation system and equipment such as trains, aircraft, ships, buses, and boats, etc.,
  • Syngenta advion cockroach gel bait 

Combat Max Roach Killing Gel

The Combat Max Roach Killing Gel is what kills roaches fast and instantly. 

  • It works very fast and within hours, killing cockroaches.
  • Can be used for roaches infested area.
  • It gets too difficult to reach spots like cracks and crevices.
  • The effect lasts a long residual action.


Employing an exterminator is the best and most effective way to kill cockroaches instantly. This method is excellent but very expensive. It is the best method to use if you have Roach’s infestation in your company or business location.

How long after extermination do roaches die? The cockroaches die within one to two weeks of employing extermination. You may, however, require a second phase of treatment if the infestation is severe. It is observed that less than 5% of roaches’ infestation requires extermination request for a second treatment. 

How much does it cost for an exterminator to get rid of roaches? Treatment of a cockroach extermination minimum of between $100 to $300. It can be as costly as $500 and cover a second treatment that can instantly kill cockroaches and eliminate them from your home. 

But why spending so much on exterminators while you can get a spray online or prepare a homemade roaches killer remedy.  

Essential Oils a Natural Roach Killers

Do you know the science of making essential oils? Science and research have discovered that essential oils as a lot of potential as a green pesticide. 

Some essential oils are very effective as a repellant, while others can kill roaches instantly on contact. Though you cannot compare essential oils toxicity with insecticides, they can still be highly effective in killing cockroaches quickly and extremely fast. 

Most essential oils do not have what it takes to kill cockroaches. What Kills roaches instantly are clove, peppermint, rosemary, thyme, and cinnamon, eucalyptus essential oils. Science and research showed that essential oils (especially eucalyptus) are toxic to roaches.  

Therefore you either buy a standard brand instant essential oil roach killer spray on Amazon like  Wondercide and Zevo or come up with your own homemade instant roach killer spray. 

Mighty Mint Cockroach Peppermint Oil Spray Killer

  • Best cockroach killer that is safe for pets and children.
  • They are highly concentrated for your lasting protection.
  • Very effective roaches’ killers in the real world
  • Essential oil with natural ingredients that is powerful and function well

Conclusion: What Kills Cockroaches Instantly?

Thanks for reading my article on various pest control that will kill roaches quickly, fast, and instantly. These are items you can get on any store online, most especially on Amazon.

They are not homemade remedies but products and brands tested and proven to help you get rid of roaches in your home in no time.

What is my #1 recommendation that will kill cockroaches instantly and very fast? Raid Roach Spray Killer is my ultimate choice that will work for you. 

There is no need to employ an exterminator to get rid of roaches. Why not spend less than $100 instead of paying over $500 to eliminate cockroaches in your homes. 

What is your take on my list of best pest control that will kill roaches instantly? Please let me have your thought in my comment area.

What Kills Cockroach Instantly – Video

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