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How to Get Roaches Out of Appliances: Microwave, Oven, TV, Xbox One

You are welcome to my article on how to get cockroaches out of appliances and your home electronics. You can get Roaches out of Xbox One, Computer, Ps4, Microwave, Tv, Refrigerator Motor, Washer and Dryer, Stove, Printer and Your Kitchen Cabinets. 

Home electronics and appliances are an excellent place for Cockroaches. 

When Roaches gain access to your home via your drainages, kitchen, bathrooms, and sewers, your appliances and electronics become vulnerable to their infestations. 

Apart from food and water, your appliances and home electronics will provide warning and hidden dark areas where Cockroaches can line and reproduce comfortably.

This article is about how to get roaches out of your common appliance and home electronics.

Keep reading. 

how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen, cabinets, stove, kitchen cabinets, washing machine, printer, tv

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Risk of Cockroaches in Your Electronics and Home Appliances

Roaches can damage and destroy the internal components of your electronics. 

As soon as roaches get inside of your home appliances, they start to lay eggs, shedding their skins, secrete droppings, and urine and feces everywhere within the inside of your electronics. 

The internal electrical components can gum together, leading to damages to such appliances. Aside from the financial damages, roaches also have a lot of health risks.  

Cockroaches often get to your homes and electronic appliances via sewers and drainage passages. 

They are known to pick up harmful bacteria as they crawl along and contaminate and distribute pathogens to anything they come in contact with, including your appliances and electronic devices. 

One of the best ways to get roaches out of your appliances and electronics is to hire a Cockroach Exterminator to help you treat your homes and eliminate them. 

There are actions and steps you have to take personally for each type of appliance and electronics, as explained below.

How to Get Roaches Out of Appliances and Electronics

So, you found Roaches in your electronics and home appliances? How do you get rid of them? 

It is a general approach to get roaches out of electronics and appliances.

If you are sure you have roaches inside your appliances and electronics, you need to make a move to get them out immediately. 

Your action of getting cockroaches out of your electronics and appliances will help you eliminate them from your homes, and you will also be safe from your device’s damages. 

The following are steps to take to get cockroaches out of any electronics and appliances:

Get Rid of Roaches in Electronics with Pressurized Air

One of the best ways to get roaches out of electronics is to use a pressurized air canister to physically get the Roaches out, including their debris inside the appliances. 

Place the Cockroach-infested electronic outside your home, and make sure you use a pressurized air canister with a narrow tip to get the needed pressure pointing at the electronics’ inside to force the dirt and debris out of the appliances. 

The Pressurized air canister will not just get out the roaches, but both cockroaches’ debris, eggs, and feces will be a force out of your electronics and appliances. 

Note: Ensure to protect the component of your appliances and electronics by observing some distance to limit the pressure of air on the appliances’ components

Get Rid of Roaches In Computer with Cordless Air Duster


Kill and Get Rid of Roaches in Electronic Using Freezing Treatment

Can you freeze cockroaches out of electronics and appliances? Yes, Roches love the heat of our electronics and appliances; that is why they get inside it in the first place. They hate the cold, which is why you find them at the back of appliances to get some heat. 

Roaches will die fast if you expose them to freezing temperatures. It is an excellent non-chemical way to get Roaches out of electronics and appliances. 

So, you can seal that electronics, appliance, and any devices in a plastic bag and put them in your freezer for 2 to 3 days. 

Apart from suffocating roaches in a plastic bag, this is one great way to kill and get them out of your appliances and electronics. 

The shallow temperature will kill roaches with no time in any appliances and your electronics. 

 But can cold temperatures damage appliances and electronics? It is not likely.

Although the manual may suggest you avoid subjecting your laptop and phones to below freezing temperature. 

It is not likely that electronics and appliance components can suffer damage. 

Please know that freezing treatment of getting Roaches out will not be okay for all types of appliances and electronics. Devices such as LCD screens will be dented by freezing temperatures. 

Only use freezing treatment if you are sure that your devices will not be damaged (Manual can help with this decision).

Killing Roaches by Bait Gel

Baiting is a very useful insecticidal approach to get Roaches out of electronics and appliances. 

You must be sure that you have roaches in your appliances and electronics first; you can then apply a Roach bait gel using plastic paper or tin foil carefully placed beneath the electronics and appliances. 

They usually contain toxic compounds such as fipronil and boric acid that can kill both juvenile and adult Cockroaches. 

Applying a Gel bait at the back of the appliances and electronics can lure Roaches out to the open and kill them once they consume them. 

Also, ensure you refresh and reapply the bait until all Cockroaches are dead. 

Combat Max Roach Killing Bait Gel


Check out the Combat Max Roach Killing Bait Gel. You can use it for both Outdoor and Indoor. It starts working in less than an hour. It kills roaches very fast and instantly. You can use the 2.1-ounce syringe to place it in those hard-to-reach locations you’re your apartments. 

Kill Cockroaches with Sticky Traps

The Sticky Traps can get Roaches out of appliances where toxic methods can not be employed. 

Try to avoid places where there are children and also where food is prepared. 

You must use this method with another effective way of killing Roaches. 

The non-toxic methods can only kill a limited number of Cockroaches and will not completely kill all Roaches in a location with infestations. 

Gidea Cockroach Traps with Bait


Check out this roaches bait and trap. It contains 11 Sticky Paper Glue traps. It is Eco-Friendly and will also trap and bait other insects. 

Exterminators Choice (Large Sticky Traps Glue).


Check out these sizeable sticky trap glue; they are the exterminator’s choice to eliminate roaches in homes and apartments. It is a glue board for most home bugs like spiders, crickets’ lizards and is non-toxic to pets and kids.

Get Rid of Roaches in Electronics with Delta Dust

Get Delta roaches dust pest control now. It will also get rid of other home pests in your apartment. 

  • It is another smart way to get cockroaches out of appliances and your electronics using small openings where crevices, insecticide spray, and bait may not reach inside the electronics.  
  • You can apply Cockroach dust behind the appliances where they are most active, and you can use insecticide specks of dust, dusters, and natural dust for faster results.
  • It is safe to a large extent; ensure they are out of the reach of pets and children. 
  • It is one long-lasting way to protect your electronics after any Roaches infestations. 

What Clean and Get Rid of Roaches Fast in Electronics Fast

You have to clean up the appliances after the treatment and remove and irrespectively of the method employed to get Roaches out of your electronics and appliances. 

The next stage to complete the elimination is to do the cleanup of the feces, roaches, roach eggs, and other Cockroaches’ debris that you may have left behind inside and outside the appliances. 

First, unplug the appliance or the electronic from the power source while ensuring that your devices’ warranty is not compromised while doing the unscrewing. 

You must use either soft fabric, microfiber cloth, Q-tips, or brushes to do your cleaning, as liquid cleaning products can damage the electronics components part of your devices. 

The above is a general approach to getting roaches out of electronics and appliances of all types. 

The next thing you need to know is how to get roaches out of specifics home appliances such as Microwave, computer, Xbox One, Stove, kitchen cabinets, washing machine, printer, and TV. 

Get Rid of Roaches in Electronics with Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



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Get Rid of Roaches in Electronics ProofTech Cleaner Kit

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  • Two bottles of content suitable for traveling
  • It includes 3 large microfiber cloths
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  • Can be used on all electronics including Computers, Laptops, iPads, MacBook Pro, Car Displays, Tablets, Car Displays, e-Readers, and TV of all kind including LED

Amazon Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (24 in a Pack)


The Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is 90% Polyester and 10% Polyamide, which you can use and rinse to reuse serially. It will clean with or without chemical agent cleaners. It came in different colors of yellow, white and blue. 

How to Get Roaches Out of Your Microwave?

how to get roaches out of washer and dryer

It is not that easy and straightforward to get roaches out of Microwave.

Cockroaches are exceedingly challenging to get rid of in appliances and electronics because you are not just dealing with the adult Roaches, but the baby Cockroaches and the eggs. 

If you get out the Microwave Roaches, they will reappear within some days from the Microwave inside.

These are different ways you can get roaches out of your Microwave fast:

Use Peppermint and Mothball  

You can get Mothbal and Peppermint to get Roaches out of Microwave because they are both roaches repellants substances. 

These are safe options if you are to avoid commercial disinfectants and chemicals. 

Mothball and Peppermint will clean the interior of the Microwave effectively. 

The problem with this is that it is a temporary solution. 

You can use them and then use the technique below to protect roaches from entering your Microwave. 

Both Mothbal and Peppermint will chase Roaches away from your Microwave. They will return as soon as the smell is gone.

And both Mothbal and Peppermint can also turn into a food source for another pest to breed and feed. 

Mighty Mint Cockroach Repellent (The Natural Peppermint Oil)

The Mighty Mint is one of the best products of its kind. It is safe for both kids and your pets and with long-lasting protection.


 Vinegar and Hot Water

You can use soak a cotton cloth with Vinegar and hot water and then clean the Microwave inside. 

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent that you can use to get roaches out of the Microwave. 

This method may not be entirely adequate to eliminate all the Roaches inside your Microwave because many cockroaches are still inside the microwave components.

You can remove the outer cover while using a cotton cloth damp with Vinegar for cleaning. 

Boric Powder to Get Roaches Out of Microwave

It is another great and safe agent you can use to get roaches out of Microwave. 

You will need to spread the Boric Powder behind the Microwave and any other appliances, for that matter. 

You have to continue to reapply as needed. 

The boric powder will be ingested as Roaches crawl across the powered while in search of food. It will kill them since it is toxic to them. 

Ensure you put much of the powder in every hole inside and outside the Microwave. As soon as they sense the boric powder, they will come out, and you can then kill them.

The use of Boric Powder to get roaches out of the Microwave will not be an instant one. 

It may take up to two weeks. You will need to continue applying the powder until you see them no more. 

Premium – 99% Pure Boric Acid Powder 

Get this industrial-grade strength anhydrous fine powder. It is 99.9% pure Boric acid. It is adequate for all purposes and gets cockroaches out of your Microwave and any electronics in your apartment. 


Commercial Disinfectants to Kill Roaches from Microwave

It is the most effective way to get roaches out of Microwave and any appliances. 

The problem with this method is that it may not be very safe. 

The use of the chemical to disinfect the Microwave is dangerous because of the food contamination after treatment.

If this method is adopted, you must clean the 

How to Get Roaches Out of TV

First, check if your TV set can stand the freezing temperature. You will see this in your TV user manual.

Please note that any LCD screen will be damaged by freezing temperature. 

From my introduction, you now know that Roaches love appliances because of the heat they generate. 

You should know that Cockroaches cannot survive at a low temperature.

Below are steps to get roaches out of your tv:

Frost Roaches Out of Your TV   

  • Ensure your TV is inside a plastic bag that is big enough to accommodate it. 
  • Make sure that the bag is entirely zeal off.
  • Put the bag and TV in the freezer.
  • The TV should be inside the freezer for 3 to 5 days.
  • Take out your TV and get rid of the plastic bag.· If roaches are still inside your TV, you can repeat the process until you see them no more. 

Ensure that the TV is not powered on immediately. Make sure you wait for a minimum of two days after the freezing before you power up your TV.

The sudden temperature changes can damage the fuses and electrical components if the above is not observed. 

Top Tip: If you are in a world location with a temperature below 0 F and you are sure your TV can be safe outside your home. You can place the TV outside the cold weather instead of the freezer. 

But follow the same step as if you are putting your TV in the freezer. 

Use Roach Killing Gel For Your TV

You can use Roaches killing Gel to get roaches out of your tv.

You will have to place and distribute the get-around to your TV. It ensures that the Roaches come in contact with the distributed gels as soon as they are out of the TV looking for food.

You have to continue to repeat this until there are no more Roaches inside your TV.

It is a safer method if you are afraid of damaging your TV in the process of freezing your TV to get roaches out. 

Which of the methods do you prefer to use to get Roaches out of your tv? 

How to Get Roaches Out of Refrigerator Motor?

How do I get rid of roaches in my refrigerator motor?

I will be taken you through two ways to get roaches out of the refrigerator motor.


You will apply insecticidal dust around and under the refrigerator. 

The Insecticidal dust will enter the crevices and get through to Roache’s hideout inside the refrigerators.

The insecticidal dust often contains boric acid that will stick to Roaches’ bodies as soon as they contact them and will be ingested and kill the Cockroaches. 

Method 2

You can quickly get roaches out of a refrigerator motor with steam cleaner combine with a natural repellant. You are to fill the steam cleaner vinegar and water.

Spray the refrigerators, and all the interior and nook and crannies where Roaches are likely can hide. 

You can also blast your refrigerator with boiling soapy water to kill the Roaches. 

It is also instrumental, and it will help remove the Roaches droppings. 

Roache’s infestation problem is that killing the adult and baby Roaches does not imply complete eradication. The eggs will still hatch after days of treatment. 

It is why you keep seeing the Roaches even after treatment. 

You are to continue with the above procedure to completely get roaches out of your refrigerator motor until there are no more signs of Roaches in your refrigerator.

How to Get Roaches Out of Washer and Dryers

These are different ways you can get roaches out of your washer and dryer:

Cleaning Your Washer and Dryers

The first step is to do a thorough cleaning of your Washer and Dryers as soon as you are sure you have Roaches infestation. 

Remove the racks and all the utensils for a thorough cleaning. 

The next step is to take care of the source of Roache’s infestation. You have to take care of the head before getting roaches out of the washer and dryer.

The source of Roache’s infestation in this regard is your drains. Your drains are full of junk that come from the dishwasher. 

The gutters are usually tight, dark, and with residues of foods, making them the cockroach infestation source.

After the cleaning, you can run dishwater empty to eliminate any other Roaches that may remain. 

Use Vinegar to Kill Roaches from Your Washer and Dryers

You can get Roaches out of the washer and dryer by placing a cup of Vinegar at the top of the rack. 

The objective is to choose the hottest option on the control panel of your dishwasher.

Allow the dishwasher to run for an hour, plus thoroughly clean off the Vinegar while the hot steam will kill the Roaches. 

 Seal off the Entry Points of Your Washer and Dryers

The next step to get Roaches out of the washer and dryer is to take care of any space, slots, and entry points like Roaches’ passage. 

Ensure that every such opening in the dishwasher is sealed off to prevent easy access for Cockroaches. 

Note: You can also use Boric Acid both around and under your dishwasher. Boric acid is an effective repellant and can kill Roaches quickly. 

You should apply this very often as a preventive measure to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen, washer, cabinets, and dryer.

How to Get Roaches Out of Oven or Stove?

Occupation of Oven or Stove by Roaches are prevalent in homes.  

Many worry that toxic pesticides can contaminate appliances while trying to get roaches out of your Stove. You can always get roaches out of Stove, Oven, Kitchen, or any appliances for that matter without the use of toxic substances. 

Eliminating roaches out of your Oven will depend on the extent of the infestation. But it is a simple process that can take up to three weeks plus.  You will have to exercise some patience so that the treatment can take full effect. 

You can use the top of the Stove (i.e., burner) at this time. Please, you should avoid using it during this time. You will need Roaches baits, poison, or Cockroach Gel that can be closed to the Oven and any appliances. 

Follow these steps to implement this treatment:

Tools to Kill and Get Rid of Roaches In Oven and Stove

NOVETE Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum (Cordless and Multi-Purpose Use) 


UPFOX Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner (Home, Kitchen, Car, Pet Hair and for Travel) 


Harris Roach Glue Traps (Non-Toxic – 10-Pack) 


Combat Max Killing Roach Bait Station (24-Pack) 


advion Arena Insecticide Ant Bait Station 


=>13 Best Pet-Friendly Roach Killer Products of All Time

Step 1

Make sure that there is no food inside the Oven. Remove pans and pots and ensure they are clean and sanitized. 

Step 2

You will then clean the Oven with a commercial non or no-toxic oven cleaner; this can be foam-like that can remove grease. 

A thorough clean will eliminate food fragments that will prevent a new set of roaches from entering the Oven.

Ensure that the inside is wiped with a cloth to remove the grease and clean the Oven. 

Step 3

Repeat the cleaning to disinfect the interior of the Oven with heat thoroughly. The heat will expel and kill Roaches that are still inside the Oven. 

Step 4

Apply the Gel bait at the back of the Stove, and distribute it inside and around the Oven.

It is good to place the gel bait in a different location within and outside the Oven for effectiveness. 

The Cockroaches can find the Gel bait fast and get killed this way. 

It would be okay if you did this for as long as two weeks to get roaches out of the Oven completely. Most often, the Roaches will leave the Oven with the Gel bait and die somewhere else. 

In case you still see roaches after two weeks of application, you can repeat this process. 

How to Get Rid of Roaches in Oven and Stove Clock

Follow this instruction to get rid of roaches in your oven/stove clock:

Get Rid of Roaches in Oven and Stove Clock Using Insect Vacuum 

Clean the oven or stove with an excellent commercial oven cleaning. Use the insect vacuum to suck and get out roaches and their eggs inside the oven/stove and then wipe the inside with a cloth to remove any dirt and grease. An oven and stove cleaning agent that can eliminate and remove grease will be great to help you get out and kill roaches in your oven or stove clock. 

Propper cleaning will remove and eliminate the food source and stop the roaches from tracing the food to the oven/stove.

Get Rid of Roaches in Oven and Stove Clock Using Roach Gel Bait

Another option we recommend for you to get roaches out of your oven and stove clock is to apply an insecticide roach gel bait. It is highly effective and will kill and help you get rid of roaches in your oven and stove clock very fast. 

Do Roaches Hide in Stoves?

Yes, roaches can hide and stay for a long time in a stove or oven. They can pick food fragments when it is dark and quiet at night and hide them in the oven compartment during the day. But you can get rid of roaches in your oven and stove even if they are in the oven clock successfully with the appropriate use of roaches’ bait insecticides. 

Can Cockroaches Survive in An Oven?

Yes, roaches will survive in the oven or any place for that matter. They are cold-blooded, and they can stay without food and water for a week. It is also easy for roaches to survive and hide in microwave oven clock for a while. 

How to Get Roaches Out of Printer

how to get roaches out of appliances and electronics

The first thing to do is to be sure that you have Cockroaches inside your printer.

The best approach to get roaches out of the printer is not to kill the Cockroaches to avoid getting them out. You may not know how deep they are inside the printer. 

You must avoid killing the roaches inside the printer.

Follow these steps to get roaches out of the printer:

Option 1

Use a good Roaches bait to lure the roaches outside the printer. All you need to do is to distribute the bait alongside the vent.  

Use Roache’s bait that kills because you don’t want the roaches to die inside the printer.

You can also vacuum clean all the dead adults, baby cockroaches, and unhatched eggs.

Option 2

This option is only okay if you know how to open up the printer or have a good vacuum machine to vacuum clean the dead roaches after the treatment. 

First, unplug the printers. Then spray the printer air vent with Roache’s killer while the printer is inside a plastic bag. Then close up the plastic bag as soon as you have okay with the spraying. 

You can leave the printer in the bag for a full day. 

The above two methods will help you kill and get roaches out of your printer. 

How to Get Roaches Out of Xbox One

Okay, there are Roaches in your Xbox One? If you don’t get them out smartly, you can get them damaged. 

It is a step-by-step process of getting Roaches Out of Xbox One and any game and electronics for that matter. 

I will take you through the different options you have to treat and get Roaches out of your Xbox One:

Baiting Roaches Out of Xbox One

One best way to get Roaches out of Xbox One is by using bait and traps to them. 

The option can help you kill Roaches outside your Xbox One. Hence there will be no need for you to dismantle your console. 

Roaches will always come out of your Xbox One to look for food and water. Using that moment to set a trap for them will help you catch them outside the console. 

However, you will need the Roaches to trap to either kill them instantly when they come in contact with it or those baits that will not allow cockroaches to get back inside the Xbox One. 

These types of traps and bait will help you isolate them outside the console.

Use Air Compressor to Blow Out Roaches from Xbox One

The problem with the first option is that roaches babies and eggs can be left inside the Xbox One while you kill the adult Roaches that came out for food.

how to get roaches out of xbox one

Using Compressed air to blow the bugs is a great way to get roaches out of Xbox One. 

This method will blow out the adults Roaches, babies, eggs, and debris (body parts and dead Roaches).

However, it will be okay if you took care to be sure that the Air compressor or vacuum you will be using has a limitation in pressure not to damage the Game console’s internal electronic components.

All you will do is direct the air from the compressor to the Xbox One openings to remove the Roaches by force. 

Note: It is good to seek the professional’s advice, though it depends on your handling infestation level. 

You can also take your console to the technician, who can open it up and get the roaches out of your Xbox One.

XPOWER Multi-Purpose Powered Air Duster Vacuum.

Get this XPOWER multi-purpose air duster vacuum cleaner. It will help you clean your laptops, car interiors, medical and home equipment, computers. It is safe and durable. The filter is easy to change and washable.


How to Get Cockroaches Out of Washing Machine

What is the difference between the washing machine and a washer/dryer?

A washer that has just one option of Watching, therefore it is called a washing machine. While if a washer has two chances, a washer/dryer, it is also a washing machine but with a drying option. 

So, how will you get Cockroaches out of your Washing Machine? 

By now, you know why Roaches infestation over your appliances and Washing machine. 

It is obvious; Roaches are in your home. But we can isolate the washing machine and get out the Cockroaches. 

You know that they like to hide in the dark, moist, warm, and isolated areas where they can get food, water, and lay eggs and water. Hence your washing machine is an excellent place for that. 

These are some options you have to get cockroaches out of your washing machine:

Use Hot Water to Kill Roaches from Washer/Dryer

Roaches can not survive the heat that is over 125°. 

Therefore, using your washing with boiling and soapy water on a full cycle will kill and get Cockroaches out of your Washing Machine. 

You can step it up by doing a drying time of over 40 minutes on a high-temperature setting that should kill Roaches in your washing machine.

Freezing the Roaches Out of Washing Machine

One best option to get cockroaches out of the washing machine is to freeze and kill them. 

This option is viable if you have access to a big enough freezer to contain your Washing Machine.

Ensure you clean the watching machine thoroughly and treat the roaches’ source into your home before using this method. 

There is no need to get out and killing those cockroaches in your washing machine if they can quickly get back to the device after the treatment.

Look for a big plastic bag that can contain the washing machine, seal it off and place it in a deep freezer. It should be inside for 2 to 3 days.

Do a thorough cleaning after this treatment and ensure you DO NOT use your washing until after 2 to 3 days not to damage the electrical components.

The washing machine components must leave for days to adjust to the room temperature before usage can start.

I like this option because it will kill both the adult, babies, and Roaches eggs while in the frozen state. 

It is how you get cockroaches out of the washing machine using the freezing method.

Use Detergent with Borax

This method of getting cockroaches out of the washing machine will work well if you can do a mixture of Borax (you can explore other products) plus laundry detergent.

High water concentration with detergent sprayed targeted at cockroaches will affect Roache’s spiracles and suck out the air from getting into their trachea, technically drowning the roaches.

Spraying the mixture of Detergent combination with Borax should neutralize the grease that protects the Roaches cuticle that will kill them eventually. 

Note: This will only work if for Roaches that are exposed directly to washing machines. 

Use Insecticide and Gel Bait

Another option you can use to get cockroaches out of your washing machine is to use bait, dust, and Insecticide to kill the infestation. 

You can apply the tube Gel Bait inside, around, and under the washing machine. 

Also, look for any openings like that that can easily allow roaches entry to your appliances.  

Note: Gel bait is useful only for those roaches that will be baited to come out of the washing machine. The baby roaches and the eggs will still be inside.

You can use the spraying Roaches Insecticide to handle this. 

You will need to clean and focus on the infestation source before this treatment is carried out. 

How to Get Out Cockroaches In Kitchen Cabinets

I will be discussing simple remedies that will help you get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets. 

They are easy kitchen hacks that you can use to get cockroaches and bugs out and far away from your electronics and appliances.

Eliminate with Cockroaches Cinnamon

A Sprinkling of Cinnamon around your Kitchen is a great way to eliminate cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets quickly. Expert believe that a line of Sprinkle cinnamon can not be crossed by any Roaches alive. 

The vital essence of Cinnamon will keep any bug and get rid of cockroaches from crawling up your kitchen cabinets slab.  Just a sprinkle of cinnamon powder around your kitchen cabinets will prevent Roaches from breeding.

McCormick Organic Ground Saigon Cinnamon (10 oz)

Check out my recommended Cinnamon. It is USDA-certified organic but non-GMO project verified. Don’t forget that you are using it to get rid of roaches from your Kitchen Cabinets. 


Kill Roaches with Neem Extracts 

Neem oil or powder is another natural remedy you can use to get roaches out of the kitchen cabinets. 

It contains useful components that will kill Roaches. 

For you to use Neem in the form of oil, mix a certain amount in water and spray both mixtures direct to the spot where Roaches are in your kitchen cabinets.

The Neem powder is straightforward. Just sprinkle the powder both inside and outside of your kitchen cabinets.

You can also keep the Neem leave around where you don’t want Roaches. 

The treat will take two to three days to eliminate Roaches. If you still them around, repeat and rinse. 

Verdana Cold Pressed USDA Organic Neem Oil.

Check out this Verdana Cold Pressed Organic Neem Oil. It is unrefined, 100% Neem Oil. You can also put it into other use Skin Care, pet care, etc.

verdana-cold-pressed-usda-organic-neem oil

Expel Roaches with Cucumbers

You can eat Cucumbers, and you can also get Roaches out of your kitchen cabinets.

Roaches cannot stand the aroma of cucumbers. 

Slice and distribute cucumbers around your kitchen cabinet will do the tricks. 

Get Rid of Roaches with Peppermint or LavenderOil (Essential oils)

Peppermint oil and lavender oil are common and beneficial essential oils to get Roaches out of your kitchen cabinets.

Prepare a mixture of this oil with saltwater and spray around your Kitchen closets, such as cupboards, drawers, and baseboards. 

The aroma will do the work because Roaches cannot stand it, according to the expert at the American College of Healthcare Sciences.

Get Rid of Cockroaches with Bay Leaves

Spice Classics Bay Leaves


Using Bay Leaves is another remedy to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

Though the use of Bay Leaves may not kill Roaches, it will expel them in no time.

You need to sprinkle crushed bay leaves in your kitchen cabinet, and roaches will not come near. 

You can also boil the leave in water and spray the mixture in the affected infestation area. 

Use Sugar and Boric Acid to Get Rid of Roaches

The mixture of Sugar and Boric Acid is beneficial for getting rid of cockroaches in your kitchen cabinets.

You will have to mix some boric acid and sugar, then sprinkle them around the place of Roache’s infestation in your kitchen cabinet and any electronics and appliances.

The sugar will lure the Roaches out of the hiding place, while the boric acid will kill them instantly. 

Note: Boric acid is not that effective for this hack when it is wet. Also, ensure that boric acid powder is kept away from children and home pets. It is a poisonous substance and very dangerous. 

Baking Soda and Lemon Plus In Hot Water to Kill Roaches

Arm and Hammer Pure Baking Soda Shaker ( Pack of 2)

It is another home remedy to how to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

A mixture of 2 lemons, four tablespoons of baking powder was added to 2 liters of hot water.

The sugar will act as a bait to attract the Roaches why the baking powder will kill the roaches. 

You are to identify the Roaches’ infestation area and sprinkle with the mixture, and you will see them no more. 

You can also pure this mixture of this solution in the pour outlets and drain and use it to wash the area below the sink to eliminate the Roaches breeding in your kitchen. 


White Vinegar and Hot Water to Kill Roaches

Another home remedy that will eliminate cockroaches from your kitchen cabinets is the use of White Vinegar and hot water.

A mixture of white vinegar and boiling water can be used to clean your kitchen and cabinet. 

Use the solution to wipe and clean the cooktops and slap. 

You can also pour this solution into your kitchen drain overnight to disinfect the drain and pipes to prevent Roaches from climbing up your kitchen. 

Daily Chef Distilled White Vinegar {2/1 gallon jugs (2 Pack)}


Repel Cockroaches with Fabric Softener

Fabric Softener is a powerful bug repellent that will get rid of cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

A mixture of Fabric Softener with water in ratio 3:2 and store in a spray bottle will block any Roaches’ pores and get them to suffocate. 

You can target and spray the exact infestation area and location key to kitchen and cabinet areas such as cupboards, sinks, and drainage. 

Note: This home remedy is only excellent if you are targeting roaches that you see. This is not the right solution for a large case of infestation. 

Conclusion: How to Get Roaches Out of Appliances and Electronics

Thanks for reading my article on various ways to get Roaches out of Appliances, Electronics, Stove, kitchen cabinets, washing machines, printers, tv, refrigerators, motor and washer, and dryer.

The best approach is to prevent Roaches from entering your various appliances and electronics. 

As stated in this article, you can adopt the various remedies and tricks to get roaches out of your appliances and electronics. 

I can assure you that life will be easy for you and avoid much stress from Cockroaches infestation. 

The best approach to eliminating and getting roaches out of your appliances and electronics is to consult Cockroach’s exterminator and professionals.

Employing a cockroach exterminator will save you a lot of time and ease your life, especially if you are scared of using the various method stated in this article. 

What do you think of the various ways listed in this article that can help you get roaches out of your appliances and electronics? Many adopt commercial nontoxic ways of treating insects. What do you think?

I will love to read your feedback. 

How to Get Rid Roaches in Electronics – Video